hidden beauty

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What do they see? They don’t see me for my heart for they believe it to be irrelevant to do so I am like a shadow that crosses the dark path I am pain in their wound I am the eclipse of the sun
I am the cave you always see.I am the cave you leave be.When you look at meyou notice danger all around me.An that's all you ever will see Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to be mean.I just want you to see how much looks deceive.If you took a ch
Hidden in plain sight like a lion in the prairie He sees you, yet is not seen He hears you, yet is not heard But by the ears of the spirit  
He stood int he corner, observing everyone around. Unwavering he spoke, not caring whether the listener was alive and well or in another life, he needed them to hear.
At night, I wait for her to come, My rays glistening silver on the pool below. The forest is quite and still; The stars wheel and dance around me.   At night, I come to the pool in the forest;
I wish Just once I could look in the mirror And not Want To Scream. All I ever see Is that thing in the mirror That everyone says Is me.
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