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My arms stay open for you, So, please come closer for me.   A heart that beats so rhythmically, I’m surrounded by all your melodies.   Craving the embrace of all your warmth,
Because I Love You, we are not perfect and that’s just perfect Dirty, mortal menaces we are Constantly staining our white cloths,
You deserve someone who looks at you and sees his entire world You deserve someone who looks at your flaws and rough edges and still loves you anyway
It is not a blizzard-y blizzard,It is a fiery fire.A love that lasts forever,Is a love that burns with desire. That is what I heard--But I have yet to seeWhat love truly doesTo you and me 
Because I loved you, I did everything in My power to make you happy, Even if it meant draining the light From inside of me.  
I love you because you are human. You make mistakes, You get frustrated But you are also passionate and loving You like mysteries and cartoons
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