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You ruined love for me,  Because you made me feel like I could finally have everything that I dreamed it could be. You found me when I was in the darkest place,
You ruined love for me,  Because you made me feel like I could finally have everything that I dreamed it could be. You found me when I was in the darkest place,
Sometimes it comes at night. Or first thing in the morning. After I drink tea. Or have sex. Once it was after the man I loved told me he’d never leave. Then once again when he left anyway.
If she were a pot she’d be boiling to the rim.If her hair was her ego she could use a little trim.She should watch her words and make sure she doesn’t blurt,or else she knowsshe’s in for a world of hurt. If she were a balloon, she’d be overinflate
Be not afraidTo fight the right fightsThe hate, the hatredTo regain your rightsTo end bigotry, racismFascism and nepotism.
The best way that I can explain life is that it is like a thread, And the length of your string all depends on what you went through and the words that were said.
  Violence against women is simply unholy and unacceptable.
tremendous and snarling the glinting of teeth who once called you darling now comes from beneath the twisted endeavors of a lover turned sour like a fistful of feathers
I’m tired of this paper town and all the paper people that live in it. I can stand from the tallest mountain and look upon this place and it all blurs into nothing.
If we have life If we have love Our would be impeccable No more lies Only truth Just me and you in this world No more lies No more anger No more hatred No more insecurities
Did you ever even care about my opinion? If you didn’t know, I do have one I think that you’re a selfish, apathic a-hole And somedays I used to wonder if you even had a soul
You used to bicker, holler, and fight Yeah, I still heard, even though I was in bed at night How could one sleep when you were yelling at the top of your lungs? Been that way since I was young
Fuck we had it to the neck, until the whole situation became violence, when we refused to keep silence. they killed our brothers murdered our sisters.
Most times people condone a torn book 📙 because it has no cover. However it's contents could heal the world. Meanwhile a fancy backed book 📙 may likely
It was 73 years ago a nation called India was born After liberated from the bondage of a colonial power An empire so mighty even the sun dared not to set Some chosen men and women of honour fought against all odds
When the windeth blows, it's ev'r so cold But nev'r as such within mine soul F'r thoust claim'd I'm dark withineth But I hast not commit'd sineth   Shall clouds rolleth in, I dear proclaim
I love you.I love you like you love the alcoholYou pour down your throat.The sore throat that spits sour wordsFrom your poision tongue.I love you like you love putting your hands on me
Little one, tire no more Sing the song of war Command the hounds at your feet   Soft eyes, cry and cry
you buried our relationship six feet underground you didn’t leave a single flower, you didn’t even bother with a fucking tombstone all i was to you,
The Impostor
The sun is an unforgiving demon in the sky. It sends beams of heat at me, hoping I will die. It stares at me all day, hidden beneath a tree.
Dying in its own name the act seems to push others away but to tolerate now means something new. To tolerate is to discriminate against those you see fit, I was called many things when I was growing up,
we are given glasses at the beginning of childhood. we are given infinite supply of: laughter. gifts. smiles. once the glasses break we are exposed to reality. infinite supply of: hatred.
don't you ever just want to throw up at how many people use our belief system to justify their rancid, filthy hate?   i'd give my left arm and right hand to love everyone the way i'm supposed to and
I'm so sick of the justice system being so "just us." My people constantly locked in or locked out. Blissful ignorance chose by so many with white skin. So many could care less, and still others choose to ignore and block out...oh so careless.
Pick up your guns, lad And right how they've wronged you For they taught you fear, and that violence will fix it   Pick up your guns, lad And take away your pains
I can see the hate in your eyes It doesn’t matter to me. All I asked for was to be left alone, But you didn’t listen to me.   It just keeps going on, And I’m tired of you I can’t get any peace
My heart has been ripped apart by your words your seething lies I denied because my love for you made me blind. Where is the light? You laugh at me as your darkness chokes me smothers the light that I wish would come back.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ass, For jealousy leads to hate. But damn, she has such a nice, fat ass, And everything else she has is great. 
Why do I dislike your company? Why does the conversation run dry? Why does your presence elicit disharmony? Why do you render my plans awry? I find your interests to be drivel,
To Harry,   I hate you. You do not know me, nor I, you. But I hate you. You hurt one of the most important people in my life. To Harry.
Abhorrence burns my fingertips the tongue in my palms coaxing... the yells from my throat it’s like barbed wire on porcelain skin-
To my own demons: Internal weakness, sin of sloth, why must you chain me down so?
 The eyes of the devil are staring at me, waiting for a mistake.           Like a predator, It glares madly to each of the steps I take.  
Dear haters,
Much is wrong with our society, Treating people like scum, This causes some to turn to anarchy, But choas without purpose is dumb.   We all have a lesson to learn, Unity is the way to peace,
The man was young, his mind was sharp as could be expected of such a man at such a time, and his body had endured at least enough hardships to receive a curt nod from a seasoned veteran should such an encounter play out.
Tragedy. Police pulling guns on the daily, to the heads of coloured men, and to the hearts of them, Bang Bang and they're gone just as fast as they came.
sneaky like foxes, were they.   trickster of the night, what brings you to my door?  
Oh how my throat burns from the toxic that I would gladly spit back in your face. To cope with the uneasiness, the though of becoming an alcoholic teased me. I intended to leave without a trace.
Everyday brings more and more trouble. Your words inspire fear and tears. But because I love you, I am here. When you tell me these things, my heart breaks and my soul crubles under the pressure. Because I love me, I am here.
A Soul so pure Clearer than any crystal, Brighter than any Sun.   In a place upon Heaven, Next to God's own throne, Side by side.   Waves crash with each other
You wake up in the morning, terrified to leave your home ‘cause you know someone will shoot you if you’re out on your own. You contemplate wearing that black hoodie in your closet,
Dear America, You call yourself great, but you’re built on ignorance and hate. Your flag colors are red, white, and blue, but show us your real colors; don’t hide the truth.
If my heart were a garden, Words flowers, I would suffocate in the weeds of your silence.
Bound by blood, This wicked hate This unsettling darkness, This thing that only we know about.   Trapped by fears, We shiver in the cold. No one knowing what we hold.
Respect, Sacred, Mutual, Loving, Trusting, Building, Relationships, Cooperation, Discordance, Lies, Breaking, Hating, Uprooting, Lost, Rude, Hate
Why do we fear thunder? Thunder can’t hurt you It’s just a sound.   Why do we fear gunshots? Gunshots can’t hurt you They’re just a sound.   Why do we fear screaming?
by Damiam Henry on October 29, 2014. © Damiam Vincent Henry, All rights reserved She gave her life to me. For me. She gave immortality. I felt her love so infinitely, Yet her heart I lost inside the sea.
He was always a sucker for a pretty face They're always a sucker for a pretty face He took me to a place and fed me full of liquor and drugs He watched as I got sick on myself He got me a glass of water
Shock overcomes their body at the discovery of something new, Disgust infiltrates the mind of those discovering something they never knew, Curious as to what they are so surprised at, I would like to know too.
As I’m walking out, I see a different world.I stay looking at the news, telling myself this isn’t real.I feel like I’m always gonna be asking myself why. Why does the world have to be so racist.Why does the world have to have so much hatred. Why d
Father and daughter Mother and son Torn at the dining room table Food and words flying about sPewed in every direction with no true target The streets are littered with insults and hate  
We are living in the index of a history book yet to come.  
Scarecrow and lion Tin Man too Side by side All in awe Too much dust Not enough water Covered up truths Buried under evil
2016 was the year I learned the definition of an anachronism, someone who doesn’t mold into their own time period, as if they’re some alien from another planet, a time traveler indefinitely stuck in the wrong century.
Was he really that desperate?The words pound through my mind.Was he really that desperate?My legs threaten to give in beneath me. Was he really that desperate?
Lonely girl Crying at night slow tears falling from both eyes, loneliness & hollowness is what she felt.
For me to sit here in the jaded void that has become my soul I find it difficult to imagine putting the words together to express the pure unadulterated hate I feel towards you, thanks to your constant belittlement and irritation to my being you m
What’s inside me, you don’t want to see. An endless whirlpool of pain and suffering.I hide it away, for no one to see. But at night, it shows, drowning me in misery.A heart ache to heartbreak.
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. True. Those are the lyrics to a song, but let’s be real here for a moment. You know you need me, just flat out admit it.
You have died Not in the literal sense But in my heart You have perished You did not take a gun to your head Or swallow a handful of pills To choose to end your life
Pulsating pain shatters her fragile bones Her mind a whirlpool of thoughts An engine drone A burst of heat! She moans A Jab! A Stab! She groans   Aching for survival A gentle voice
Forlonness and dejection tear at my heart Serrated claws ripping flesh apart Searing pain pulsates through a body so maimed Burning gaze from icy daggers aimed at my shame Are we not the same?
Women in the Web by Kari Barge   Things have changed We may not be burned at the stake But we are forced to fake…
Here is a villanelle structured poem in iambic pentameter that offers a word of advice to the BLM movement...
Back when the two pillars of freedom collapsed A people, galvanized, suited up and axed The chance to make peace by going to war Without ever asking; What are we fighting for?
  Fluttering wings splashes light painted amongst cicada hums Thy fingers intertwined in roots Yet drawn to graves of lapsed youth
There is someone inside my headIt is full of rage and carnage With claws as hard like leadMy mind just can't seem to manage It whis
i guess this is what happens when people get too close they see i am too much i am nothing but suffering i consume the love i try to give gets engulfed back into me with the brutal force of rejection
That cruel winter day, she knew, would be filled with hate, That one, single day would determine her fate, If they smiled, or stared, How much she wishes they cared, As they laugh and call her names, 
Your voice pollutes my ears. Your presence sickens me. I hate you. Die a thousand deaths Return to hell where you belong. For all eternity. Pure evil should be destroyed.
poison tears Rain, rain, go away,Because of you the pain will stay.Slit my throat, cut out my heart,Leave me here, tear it apart.
Hey. I am fat. Yes, I am a fat ugly bitch. Or an ugly fat bitch. Call me the way you want! But I wonder why do you have so much of problem with this? I have been tired of listening to the same thing over and over again.
There's something I need to tell you, My story is short enough to expose.  I am no saint,
Senior Year 17 and 18 year old punk kids Who used to be prodigies, geniuses, beyond their years We were told we were so smart
Ah...the Earth is soaked yet again by the blood of men,
Let it go along with the flow
He was nine. Hadnt experienced a thing Expect for being tortured, harassed And the horrible things that words can bring   Words hurt They hurt more than sticks and stones
Hatred Such a powerful word A word that should be expressed less A word that should define an emotion  But something that is wrong. You should be gone,  Away from reality
An understanding friend
She would love to know the time of night that the life in her heart walked away
Heart speaks
Starts out awful 
I know what it is to be burned at an early age
Dissatisfied with ourselves 
The blue wanted to believe that the truth was trying to turn, run and touch the wronged
We fear the feeling of acceptance because we cannot accept ourselves. 
into an eternal abyss that no one even knows how far will it take me? how far will i go?
remember when you told me about the monsters? how they take over, & get inside your head, & they stay- for a really long time. they're only gone every once in a while,
Do you know what it's like To wake up every morning to the same damn ugly face To look in the mirror and wish that your body wasn't so blemished with scars and imperfection
I've been told that the world is not rainbows and sunshine. That's fine. But what is it do you want this world to be?   Because everything in this world is the same:
You're golden girl! They have yet to know your worh, just show them girl! Show them you award winning smile. Smile every time you see them, hide that pain long as a mile.
Break down Shimmer and crumple Let them glide with a stride so perplex As men begin to withstand the precocious Demands of his brethren                          Let the people speak
In the constant praise for our country We forget the misery and suffering That persists within so insidiously.   We have worked tragedy unto others The real calamity is how we let it be
Anger never suited me It never did and i vow it never will
When a house is dirty, we clean it. We sweep away the dust and scrub away the stains until there is nothing left to remind us of the wreckage
I am a product of time.   I am a product of my mind, A painful, biting prison.
Now the days of sufering have gone away The feeling of depression is still with me  When I try to live my life day by day It gets ruined by a bully   When he calls me names I play no games
And then it hit me;you never loved me. You don’t treat someone you loved like that. 
Feed me, feed me, morsels to the hungry, But many times you're missing The money, the money, dollars for my tummy, To go to filling something, Out of your happenstances Circumstances, giving me money, honey,
For the hatred of mankind
Written by: Juwuan Dennis We the people. Land we people live on. Live on and let live. To waste time is throwing away a clock. Because the tic won't toc. Cure Unfindable by even a doc.
A smile covers the face of a boy from a broken home,
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
I see you looking at me,
Roses are red  but not as red as the sunset in my dreams,  where we're sitting together on the beach, laying, cuddling in the warmth of the ending day Violets are blue
We are groups of people made to hate because of who we love not what we stand for. Did no one listen to  your parents? You treat others how you want to be treated not
Thinking again, I should've left. Saw your crooked smile, pondering eyes. You left me in the dust, you didn't care at all.
 What do you see? Those people With deep colored skin, And coarse kinky hair,
I don't need your anger or your hate. I don't need your rampant misogyny. I don't need any of that. None of us do.   Those people didn't need it either. Lives cut short on a savage whim.
'Tis a Lethean shore     Written upon a writhing worm --- A half-winged bedight seraph of yore    Coos, in a butterfly's term, Amidst a nebulous crowd, hearing
Why did I ever spend another day with you?
As I walk up and down the hall  I feel the teachers eye on me.  I am an intelligent woman far from average. But all they see is my skin tone and a head full of nappy hair. 
beauty we see it everywhere we see it in the eyes of a stranger passing us by on the sidewalk 
Everyday Same time Your front door creaks, did you notice? Mine does, too. 10:30 AM, you walk out of your apartment- The one right across the hall from mine- And I make sure I walk out, too.
make the world a better place? gotta make the people better people first no matter how old, how young, how big, how small, how bad or how good we all got someone we love we all want to please them
I would change the hatred the one everyone seems to be recieving 
He buys you things, so you let him beat you down, (My mom) yell at you  (my friend) and call you a bitch, hoe, tramp and everything else indecent under the sky (my other friend)
please stop placing me on a pedestal
A lost soul in a pit of despair,
What if we were lovers? From the derm to the core? What if we were the shutters to Hatred’s Lore? Would we dance with the rays? Smile at the budding moon? And hate decay and ruin?
Beautiful people everywhere, I'm not one of them! I'm not one of them! Beautiful people everywhere, As far as the eye can see. And none of them look like me
I know that you yearn for my forgivenesswithout you even knowing.And I want you to know that I attempt to do soevery night that you don't careand every morning that you curse my name.
I hope you never kiss your mother With that mouth Hatred would pour from your lips Filling the one person who loves you   I was raised by men as hateful as you
Little baby boy crawled and crawled about
stared at her  The girl I loved  And she stared back As tears glistened In her deep brown  Glossy eyes She took my hand With hers She took my hand 
I hold my words silently, but you've no idea how much I want to blast them within your ears,-
  Like an old toy, Waiting to be played with again. Collecting dust, Thrown in a ben,   Taking up space in my room Only fond memories prevent its doom.   But you’re not a toy.
Her eyes,Melting away,Into sadness,Into decay,People who,Describe her look,May say she's undecided,But not a crook,When she rises early in the morning,She makes no sound,
Because all the things you've done im like this today. Hurt, numb, empty; whats lost is gone forever. Forever feeling a unsacred empty space. You took the only part of me that wasnt yours, the part of me that you havent already distroyed.
Catholic school does a number on a child, He never knows what to believe. Dear God, that woman in the habit she rapped my fingers time and time again when I’d take the Lord’s name in vain,
My neck cringes as I stretch my mouth from cheek to cheek, My teeth reflecting the indulgence they constantly seek, “Smile,” is the only word they directly speak,
when I was a child I was told that words can never hurt me I was told that a word is just a word a name is just a name it doesn't hurt. that's a lie. words are like knives in the back of the legs
Some secrets are best kept quiet But I can hear the lies through the silence You make eye contact with me while pushing away Your eyes darken as you press me to say, "Oh darling, I love you, I swear it to be true!"
My thoughts, my words, my fury They are my release, my security My deepest fears, my darkest secrets My writings are ME.   I put my thought into my pen Then from my pen to my paper
My naivete has led me astray from the real world. This wonderland in which my mind obtains is nothing more than a fallacy The eyes of wisdom have opened and realized this newfound knowledge is really my reality
A shadow in the night Here comes the opportunity. For some Old timer, trying to be Superman to redeem himself.   A shadow in the night. I'll take him This comfy little suburb
To feel hated and jaded Adandoned By my own father is... Torture But the feeling are Mutual Meth labs emotional abuse Hatred Those feelings never go away Abuse
Always Looks Clear Over Here, but really Only I'm Lost
Rusty bricks painted by graffiti. Lit neon flickered—    Quick Draw! ATM Inside! Steam rose out of street grates as if it were ghostly fingers come to carry sinners below. The sign posted—  
Deep moans drift in the room. Liquid hunger screams from my veins. Acid leaks from my lips. Agony drips from my head. I am wounded, and all I want is more. more of her to heal my pain,
The freak sticks out like a sore thumb in school. All day, every day. She goes home and it's just the same. Nobody wants to speak to her for they fear they will be reduced in social status.
Who are you to say I'm evil? Who are you to say I have no morals? Who are you to say we're wrong? Who are you to preach your song? Who are you to kick us down? Who are you to call me clown? Joking?
Oh thou wretched and crusty batch of nature Thou art the epitome of vile scum You venomous and treacherous creature You who hast stolen my last piece of gum
Hate tastes like bitter juice And feels like raging fire Hate engulfs the vision With resentment and revenge It strikes as harsh as a lightning bolt When Zeus gets called a liar
Waiting. Waiting for our reunion. We had so many plans together. But it all went to hell in the last few months. Your grandpa’s death, your dad’s abuse, your mom’s BS,
I looked on in horror as everything seemed to happen in slow motion I wanted to help, to cry out and tell her that she needed to fight They were shoving her around, rough as a stormy ocean
I dreamed I was a monk, I dreamed I was a man, I dreamed I was everywhere— everywhere became what I am.
It hurts. Flash. Flash. White on a black background. They strike up like pale flashes of moonlight in the void of space. No stars. Tha-dump. Thudump. Tha-tha-dump.
Another day stuck in dismay Rain clouds follow me everywhere Just another bad day they say I know they don't even care
I have a cat, and then I had three, four, five. Alonelyness. Feeling the world caving in, the door to a better life closing day by day. Alonleyness.
You saw me there yelling for help You didn't care You saw the pain You could have helped me up You knocked me down instead You kept hurting me You didn't care
One day you will realize how much you hurt us physically and mentally One day you will see the pain in our faces One day you will noticed how many lives you ruined
I wake up, 5 am as usual I get ready for the torture ahead I arrive at school I walk down the hall to my first class I sit down "GROSS!"
We are not born with the inclination to hate But throughout the years, we still develop those traits Not because we’re callous but because we’re taught to be that way
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This White American conscious superior, benevolent, controlling our future White heart, white mind, white hands shape us, for better or worse How can we not be flawed?
Ridiculed, the punch-line to every joke. Do not tell me what to do, I am not a part of you. Don't you know it hurts? The scars gather as well as the tears. Deeper they dig into my skin. Fears.
Feeling lost and so alone No one to turn to Somedays you just gotta hold your own Empty heart and broken dreams No one to turn to All alone and ripping at the seams Beaten down and can't get up
One voice shouts against the grain Words of anger, fear, and pain, Arms spread wide to grasp the sun, But too far a leap for only one
I was born into a world Where people judge. A world where people can't Really ever be themselves. And those who are different, Are prosecuted with no regard. The trials happen so fast, I can't keep up.
Left and right you hear people mumble your name. That feeling like everyone is staring at you. You know what happened is totally out of your hands, but still you feel guilty,
When we climb off that pedestal that we so often erect in our honor... When we pause to consider the convictions of those around us even when they conflict with our own...
Fuck, I'm a worthless piece of shit My enemy is myself and I'm a prisoner of my own mind I feel as if I'm a disappointment to everyone I don't blame them If I was them I'd give up on me also
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