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Everyday, it's a new place with the same story Pray for here, my heart breaks for there People taking action in comment sections Not at polls Everyday, they cry for justice
Unobtainable, They said. Denied, It read. Hopeless, You cried, Tears in your eyes As that dream.
Silver hair; Crow’s feet; Wrinkled shirts; Worn boots. These describe you.   Blonde hair; Naive; Smooth skin; New shoes. These describe me.  
I'm afraid of white women. I'm afraid of your accusations. Afraid because I fit every description for who your rapist, robber, or murder could possibly be.
  We try to spell he without she  That’s the problem with this society !!!!!!!! We depend on men and let them tell our life stories But why when we try to speak on our own they don’t acknowledge our voice?
Maybe it is easy for those who have never endured the piercing swords of rape culture to say, “You asked for it." But when YOU have had your math teacher molest you even when YOU screamed no; and remain at school with you even when YOU spoke up; w
Everyone sees what you presentAnd most don’t care to see deeper -To see the depression and the anxiety
Fat, strong French accent, a little hairy and not fantastic. This was me, a young kid in the slums polluted by crime and plastic.   No one to help, no one to think about.
Imagine this, you’re six years old, the playground ladder looks nice enough to fall off of. The bars are solid,
Anxious as doom arises, I am done Searching eyes hone in on mine, looking dead But there is no escape as change has won With its angry, hungry jaws, it is fed   Initially, I was but a mouse squeak
I’m mine own. I’m supposed to be like my family. I’m seen as one with them. I’m told that I act so different from my siblings. ‘They are friendly, kind, accepting’ but that’s not me.
For the victims, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because your country has failed you, as it has failed countless others before you, and unless we make changes
No more.    Hands, hands writhing up my body, Hands that don’t belong there.  Don’t scream DON’T scream, You’ll only make it worse, don’t tell a soul They’ll look at you different 
They hear me See me Tell me Read me Stuff that’s given Hasn’t been easy They say they listen  But I’m constantly on repeat Sometimes it’s not worth it I’d rather them tease me
Put down those guns To honor all of our sons Don’t have to be the one that shuns but instead, make the impact for a ton   Don’t have to have the same beliefs
Y stands for youth, Vitality and incompleteness  A stands for absence of stance for the "pledged allegiance" Oh yes, S represents the stress I've suppressed Right hand to my chest I pledge for the grievance 
When incorrect feelings cloud my thinking and it feels into darkness im sinking i just see a world where....where Cain had never did it, he tried to lift the rock but in his soul he felt convicted
How dare you?  You walk on this Earth as if you're perfect, judging me. I've made my mistakes, I've owned up to my faults.  You walk on this Earth as if you're perfect, hovering over my mistakes.
You claim to know all of my people but all you know are the lies that are fed to you. How can you say your expert when you can't take a second check on what's told to you?
My slam coaches and judges tell me That I mumble too much   Something about how I speak when I’m on stage I have this almost drawl
  Flowers bloom and may quickly wilt But there's still time for our Garden to be rebuilt I realize time passes and people can change