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You were driven from my mind for a time by attractive covers and synopses... Then happiness faded into the lull of boredom. My mind was filled only with tiring thoughts
Who are you? You're a French blonde.  You laughed at Dumbledore's speech, and you called the boy who lived "this little boy". What are you? You're a girl who goes to Beauxbatons, and you got 
  Have you ever smelt magic On the pages of books?
  The prophecy to end the dark reign A hero, a boy born at July's end A revenge for those who have died in van Through life and death this boy they must defend  
Distance closes inBecomes realityFinds it's way inTakes the last of me It wasn't always this wayIt wasn't like this before he was thereIt was differentAnd I'm sorry I couldn't keep it here
People see me as a loud and talkative person
    Rising from the somber ash Burning brightly toward extinction Pyres pale against its shadow Exalted for its penchant for resilience  
The boggarts are drawing near  unearthing each of my deepest fears, petrifying me in my waking hours bringing forth horrendous screams,  
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