greek mythology medusa

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Although no one could see her  straight to the eye,  Medusa met someone once upon a time, 
You misunderstand me That's the tea. It was not my fault It was the assault. Now I'm the target.  My legacy is tarnished  
If Medusa was a modern-day woman, I imagine she would be a part of the MeToo movement.  
Attacked on the steps of my own church,  I sought the guidance of god. She granted me protection,  A shield turned weapon, to turn the head of any attacker,
    A monster they called me When I turned him to stone   A curse  Or a blessing I asked myself each day  
MEDUSA- A modern Interpretation Poem by: The Poetic Truth Productions By Nini   She was innocent But yet she was found guilty   Devoted to making society a better place, 
A heart of stone beats another day. Cold eyes that often freeze those in their tracks scan across a room of people who do everythign but that.
A godess known for external beauties A godness known for unseen beauties A godess known for bringing life A godess infamous for stoning life
 These evil Nymphs, riseFrom enchanted waters, withA beauty echoedBy moonlight, they tease men, whilstDrifting, through death taint currents 
Basking on raggedRocks, amassed with smashed wrecks, theseCreatures, lure ships, thatPass their abandoned cove, withDeadly, beautiful singing
Across these rigidWastelands, Perseus holds hisSnake ridden trophy,For he decapitated,This monstrous, Gorgon bred Queen
O, dear Medusa, once beautiful with skin that can make any man want you. Hair once so lovely that any female would be envy. Now, my beloved Medusa, a nasty curse were brought
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