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He swears and curses in the rain. He is known for his remarkable brain. Others’ problems he is known to drain. So he can’t comprehend, How his problem is driving him to his end.  
Every song I hear Reminds me of you. Fast, fun songs Are your energy and happiness. Slow, calm songs are Are your warm, loving hugs That you enclose me in Whenever I need you. Love songs
It felt like summer when we loved. As you talked it turned to fall. When you walked away it turned to winter. I stood in shock. The air around me turned to frost. My blood turned to ice.
I am a man, a walking story told from back to front Single moms, beat dads, kids with issues they don’t want Writing rhymes just to make a tone-deaf voice heard Without the fame and fortune, no one listens to your word
How will history look at thee? You I speak of, not me. It is an interesting question you see. Yes, I find you will agree. How will history look at thee? Shall by chance it be your dexterity,
The misconceptive claim That all men are the same Hurts males as a whole Because of the toll These women take From a manipulator’s mistake You know the intentional act To screw a girl over
The white canvas trembles with mania at the sight of the brush. The vessel is overthrown by the feeling of both love and lust- The canvas is now a passionate red. A mockery of art, or the preliminary action of birth?
Nowadays people operate by seasons. Women got they mind set n boys dey comin in,just to leave em again.
Dear Valentine...Im gonna swallow my pride on this one.
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