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Walking around pretending I'm okay.Acting like I'm fine each and every day.No one knows how I truly feel.No one knows my heart won't heal.My heart won't heal because of you.Because of you and the things you do.
I’m scared Not of the when and where But whether you actually cared I'm not prepared for a harsh truthThese days all we have is a misled youth
Who am I? A question subject to everyday society. Nothing more. One that thinks for the better And acts for a cause. Concealment… Unnecessary. Life kept justified if otherwise
I love you… I. Love. You. Just three simple words… Three words that mean everything. Three beautiful words that mean so much there is no other way to say the emotion and feeling that comes from expressing it.
I don't know what this poem is going to be about I don't Know where I going to go with this but I sure will try Maybe it should be about music? Poetry? God? Passions of mine.
As she sits at her piano made of dark rosewood with her fingers lying gracefully on the ivory keys, she focuses intently on the sheet music before her. The cream colored walls add a sense of peace to the room,
Track One: The beat plays and he ignores that intuition Grabbing his notebook and pen to begin his rhymes It’s like his love's past is causing this prevention
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