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FFA is the place to be, it gives you all the skills you need.
A sea of blue cordaroy jackets Each a leader, Each an individual, One large family. From the symbol of the rising sun, Guiding new leaders, To the the shaking hands Welcoming friendships.
Remind me   Tell me what I am Tell me what you think I should be I want to hear it Remind me   Just ‘cause I’m female I just shouldn’t be here On this land
On the first day, you have nothing to say. You are in a new place, but well on your way. Amongst all the racket you put on that jqacket, in hopes of becoming something great,
FFA is what i love old customs and traditions loved by many still today
You can call us hillbillies, red necks, and hicks, But we’re FFA members, and proud of it!! We put the clothes on your back and the food on your table. We also raise animals and give them clean stables.
All of those long hours after school, All of that heart poured into the gold and blue, Learning your ways and your rules, FFA, it was all for you.
A jacket. To you, it’s just a piece of clothing. But mine? Well, it’s an extraordinary thing. My blue corduroy companion is full of magic.
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