Feelin' Good Scholarship Slam

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Throwback to the past I stare straight down  "How could she do that" the whispers  they creep under the skin   I held a grudge with every death comes honor but this one was the exception
Last year I was a saint A pleaser with a need for attention and acknowledgement of others. Last year I was angel Last year an innocent, a follower, non-believer, a brown-nosed teacher's pet, all I needed was a tail
A year ago me Waited fruitlessly for the fingertips of love To trace poems on her back.   365 day ago me Was shocked to the core
Heartache- Strain- And when sometimes all I want is to finally break The sun still comes up.   Regret- Despair- And when there's times I'm certain that I'm just a dumb burnette
Life doesn't deal with us gently, my friend It throws us in hole after hole And each person has a way to amend The damage Life's done to their soul   Me, I take solace in what I love most:
The light shines on my plate, Reflects the smile on my face. The light makes me dance, Two step, snap, cabbage patch. Food is my light.  
When minutes seem like hours and hours like days,  When you just need to step away,  Away from the daily craze, When you don't want to stay.   Or on those sleepless nights,
Funk makes me move, it makes me groove Listening to James Brown, I feel good My friends told me that I dance like a schmuck But I can't get enough, of that funky stuff I might run out of luck, stuck in a rut
The Day is rough I am upset Life is troubling And I feel much unrest   Where do I go What do I do? That's not a question For the Woods knows   The quiet trees
Oh, for the poor raven weeps, for he understands death.   Oh, for the poor pig weeps, for he understands abuse.   Oh, for the poor dog weeps, for he understands mistrust.  
My school life is getting hectic My anxiety is overflowing From microbiology to my nursing courses My panic starts clearly showing   I think I’ve had enough My stress has reached the max
Smiling is not an occurrence that I known as strange. Occurring most every single day. Yet when times get tough, The going gets rough, and a smile is harder to come by.
Wake up in the morning, Sun greets my face, The ground greets my feet, Bird songs greet my ears, That's not what I love. Your big brown eyes meet mine, Your smile welcomes me in,
Leaves are falling everywhere Piles upon piles scattered on the ground The bright colors, which seem to glow Red, Orange, and Yellow appear That's why Autumn is my happy season
The rain slides down the window, A surface on which water may cling, perhaps, But gravity dictates that water must go down.  For water has no true foothold.   So, the rain slides, Quickly or slowly,
Anger's strong, tears forcing their way out. Feeling alone, like nobody's there to help. I need something to calm me.
As my parents separated themselves from each other, I separated myself from the world. Caught in the cracks of my dissolving family What could I do as a nine year old girl?
After an exhausting week The cool leather three piece sofa Hard plastic remote in hand Crowd cheering through speakers Down, Set, Hut Omaha! Omaha!
Life can be tough And enough is enough. But there’s always that one thing that makes us smile. Mine is basketball. Being able to lace up my shoes and step on the court To play my favorite sport.
It means something when someone tells me I’m beautiful because inherently as humans we focus on the negative and the positives seems so small living in a world where physical beauty is king and hatred is so prevalent
Pen in hand these words are mine a blank page burns in the back of my mind head spinning  ink spilling that sweet slice of time when it's me against the world and I'm winning.
This is a true escape, It really gives your life a shake,  You flourish to go to the next dimension, And it's egregious that it is hardly ever mentioned, Use that crystal to get there,
Freedom from all things The passing of fleeting time Someone kind to care for me Cold tears of joy rolling down my cheeks The forgiving eyes of a friend Gentle hands to comfort me
Feeling the breeze through my hair, The clouds guarding me from the sun, And the droplets dampening my skin; The rains bring bliss to my world. I stand still but my heart races:
If I am truly entitled to happiness , why isn't it always granted ? Why do we become depressed at times , and then regret that we took happiness for granted?
Through the days in which I feel there is no good, days in which there is no escape days in which I cannot be in a worse mood, and my life has fallen into rather poor shape There are books.
Life can be hard, and life can be sad, But when I have these days, I know just what is to be had. I sit on my couch with Oreos and peanut butter in hand And let Shawn and Gus escort me to another land.
After My bad days      He is always there smiling And I smile with him
We all have days that bring us down Ones that cause us to wear a frown This is a part of life and growing up -  Learning to face the world’s hiccups.   To overcome sadness, anger, or dread
Together let's go on a grand adventure. Just you and I, exploring this world that we live in.  
Friday is the best day of the entire week Around the world from the U.S. to Mozambique The end of our suffering is almost here All of our worries are about to disappear   No more work and no more school
In ten years I pray I remember how I rediscovered hope. I pray that I do not remember the weeks I spent screaming at God for everyone that left, for everything I lost.
The days when heart sinks in and my mind feels alone I put on my headphones  and let the music flow To think better times  that'll come pouring out my feels as if i met the one
They have their hand in the air The ones with the black suits and briefcases stride forward Confident The others seam to fall forward Their hand raised in a call for balance
I feel good In these simple, domestic Moments of peace   When I feel your lungs Collapse and unfurl As I lay on your chest
Take a deep breath. Tense your muscles one section at a time, Hold it. Hold it. Let it go, feel the stress of everyday life Drain from your body.   Take a deep breath.
My name is Meleka, I go by Mel. What makes me feel good, is a bottle of fuze tea. It's so refreshing, a burst of lemon. I love Doritos, my most fave snack, from my childhood,
Coming home from work, half asleep You jump on your bed, not a peep you lay your head on you cold surfaced pillow close your eyes and get sucked in low.
Pessimists see  the horrors of Earth. The darkness that comes  from the moon's birth. They need to see the beauty of life, through all the troubles, struggles and strife. 
Nothing feels as good as love. Giving love, receiving love, Hugging, smiling, laughing The warmth of love is real.
A delicate silence fills the air. The wind clears everything away.  I am free.  Among the trees.   
I have been asked it over and over  I have laid awake pondering in thought I have watched the tide roll in and back out   I have looked within the darkest alleys I have searched within the busiest streets
With a bottled-up brain All tangled with my latest anxiety trip I escape to the outside. Out of my head Out of the house Out of town Out of highway lines Out of clocks And there
My friend, how have you been?  It has been so long since I've cracked a grinned while the days grow longer with a moment pass I should have known I wouldn't last Alone, that is  
Rain hits the streets,  the sky remains gray.  I can't shake this feeling, the darkness won't go away. I just want to curl up,  and stay in my bed.  I've got nothing better to do, 
Me, my bike, the road Clear thoughts, bliss, and open space Escape from real life  
Feeling good is a fantastic sentation that feeds your soul, It allows one to be open and optimistic, makes you feel whole.
Sometimes I don’t know where I am or why I’m there It’s unusually dark, my friends tell me  They don’t want to come around   Okay
It’s the feel of the air rushing past my skin as I drive down the road It’s the smell of the sound of the rain hitting the windshield.  It’s the chatter of the people sitting around me.
Lord In a day filled with such chaos. In a day filled with the worries of life. I become stuck and uncertain. Uncertain about the choices and decisions that lie ahead.
When thoughts are dark and the heart is churning, An escape and freedom is to be welcomed. The hurting needs to knock out the bad so New emotions can grow.   New thoughts with greener fields and
He has been with me since me since my earliest grade My fondness of him will never fade Whenever I would reach my darkest day I knew the smile on his face would always stay
  I am not good at feeling. Courage was never my strong suit. Right now, I am working on healing.  People know me as the “mute”.  
When the world throws and curveball or chaos reigns down from a disturbed plan
The backyard cookouts, the family dinners and Sunday gametime with them keep me in a calm frame of mind All the times I felt like I was in the dark my kin-folk brought me back to light, the smiles on their faces have the power to strike my heart.W
Slumped in warm embrace of a soft chair, It hugs back, knowing what I’ve been through. Warm breath, the scent of tea freshly brewed.
Waking up makes me smile Waking up holds me high Waking up lets me know That today the sun will rise Waking up comforts me
I ask for salvation, and my own body returns it to me In the form of concrete and a persistent sweat trail down my back and the repeated thought of
Seeing the smile on young child’s face Learning to read or To tie her shoes Sitting around the table with my family Laughing at my dad’s dumb jokes or Playing a made-up word game
Oh Lord I await the day The day I can finally say Its was worth it  He deserves my praise   You took my pain and kept me sane You soothed my heart and gave me strength
My emotions are that of the clouds. soft and light. I harbor no anger nor do i present hate among my terms, but there are always the times of malcontent or dissappointment. It's during these times that you really get to see who you are.
I can feel it- the static reminds me of what's coming. When it starts the vibrations buzz around me, the air is teeming with excitement to hold the noise and pass it to  me.  
Tough times come They beat on my heart like a drum. Looking for an escape all around Still nothing and my heart continues to pound. Laying hear with doubts and fear Yet I forget, God says I am near.
When the world challenges me and screams in my ear When I feel lost, unpretty, to stupid When I'm drowning in everything that means nothing I look to them  
A grounded bean is all it takes Brewed and creamed Dined with a cake   In the morning or afternoon Black or sweetened I have to choose Oh! what cup Shall I use?
Under the weight of college years I doubt even Atlas would be strong. By the week's end I feel coated in a slime of anxiety and exhaustion.
In front of my desk Is a blank document,  that sits idling on my computer screen. To form words that I can't say, but to Write them, and have Them stay. The written word
Little boy, So plump and round. What a great love I have found. Up in my arms, Like a ball you curl. It seems like you just entered this world. New hair growing atop your head,
When I'm upset, I like to set, All by myself until I forget. They say it's not healthy, To do what I do, I should talk they say, But to who? Sure I have friends, And they are all great,
Inspiration, motivation, football, wrestling, track, ideas that pop up in your head when you hear my name Life was always bad to me When I was younger the only motivation I had was rejection
Life can sometimes stink Friends and family lift me I'm engulfed with glee
There's this girl I know who has short  black hair. She has big eyes and she has a kind  heart. I smile when she tells me about her day. This girl is so aware of the problems around
A warm summers night made warmer by the rising flames from the homemade pit friends circle round and fill the air with laughter Sitting around no need for a an aid-kit
  Tangled, that’s the only word for a bad day Stings of worry, of sorrow, of sadness, and pain Those messed up days that seem to last an age The ones that make you want to storm and rage, WHY ME?!  
I'm really in a deep dark dung palace But pleasurous pizza pies keep me estatic  Calling while clamorous, looking for some glamorous glazed green pepper
I take a step forward Into the classroom Onto the field Into the arms of my friends Together we are happy
I'm not gonna lie Free college makes me happy #Here for the money  
My face is wet not from rain though. Wiping my eyes with a sleeve I pick up a guitar strumming a chord or two, grab some ink and paper and sing away the tears of stress betrayal
Some people feel good when they read, write, and sometimes listening to music. But mine is running, this helps me clear my head and think positively! Run, Run, Run!
Some maybe green or purple they grow on vines. That may intertwine between lines of houses. You may get addicted with one sip. The mind slips away slowly going into a delusion with no conclusion.
Walking up to you, hearing your waves crash against the sand.  The feeling on my feet: hard, then soft, then wet sand. Looking out all i see is sky turning my insides out.
It's the laughter my friends make. The love my family gives. Sand between my toes. Music pulsing through my body. Late night drives with no destination. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.
Happiness, Sometimes it's hard... Other times... it's simple... Life, now that's always a challenge.   I look to the simple things, And decide. Life, no matter the time,
it's the little things that make my day: the way my hair dries at night, when my little sister ties her shoes right, when the air outside is cool but not cold, and hearing my poetry read, not just told.
A cup of coffee at the shop I hold so dear, with temperature so low and Jazz melodies I love to hear, when I say we meet up and share the latest scoop, that's not the cream I mean, 
A smile is a curve That sets everything straight. A grin is how you know Today is worth the wait   Don’t cry because it’s over
When I see this critter, I can’t help but stop being bitter. For some reason I gain a big smile, when I think of this animal that some see as vile.
I live, breathe, and eat words  I wake up in the middle of the night  to transform prose into art and I come alive When I speak, metaphors drip from my lips, and I feel good 
Staring into another's eyes- As confidence slips slowly down Cherry cheeks, creating streams and Confluences; down sillhoutes,  Meshing raw embarrassment with Insecure humiliation;
On days that I'm down I like to curl up in bed With a bag of chips
Hard day hard work hard night lie down lie flat lie still not like theres something better to do   lies you tell yourself to get down lies you tell yourself to get up
When life gets hard And my world is no longer bright I simply put up my guard Because I no longer feel right I put my earbuds in And let the worries fade away The world begins to spin
When life gets hard And my world is no longer bright I simply put up my guard Because I no longer feel right I put my earbuds in And let the worries fade away The world begins to spin
When I'm overwhelmed I desire to satisfy an unestablished tune To accompany the lyrics in my head When I see her, gently I grab her by the neck Place her body parallel to mine Before anything else,
I feel ocean air when I'm landlocked, Passed through every obstacle and roadblock, There's dirt under my shoes, but it sure feels like sand, I've taken the scenic route, but I'm just where I planned,
Salty Hair, beachy hair. Windy clouds, moving sounds. The cool breeze of the ocean drifts by me. As I begin to close my eyes, I think about this place of serenity. The feeling of calmness, the feeling of bliss.
Being world champion is my dream, now that I finally achieved it, people didn't believe me because it's not, easy as it seems. With hard work comes success is true,
I learnt from my church, that love, is the greatest emotion  Out of love, Jesus cleansed his disciples feet, Out of love, Jesus made the blind see, Out of love, Jesus laid down his life...   This is truth.   In times of disorder and heartbreak,  t
When I'm feeling down I know what will turn it around Pick up the phone and call some friends Then fill my backpack with odds and ends I walk down the street to my friends house I'll go
I feel drained of all my energy life takes from me my body my emotions. The stressors of everything has me dizzy, I am seeing the world as charcoal black.
Your awareness is lost and your only focus is the beat and melody In your head and ears, filling your body all the way to your fingertips was a loud silence You can't resist but sing along helplessly
Simple sweet gutair am humbled by the bass The bass of the human hand play it over and over again Rhythm captured my heart the melody feeds on my soul Sunken in between the holds and strands
Waking up I greet the day,  The sun hasn't come up yet and that's okay, I get ready knowing full well what I'm getting into,
I have an old friend who tells old tales with an illustrious tongue. Xe needle silken webs from salivan poison and enmesh me in xer magnetic rouse. Liquid imagination films my eyes
   Sometimes you go through days that hurt you and you don't know if things are ever gonna go right But then time will go by and you don't feel so upset anymore
A rainy day outside my windows A worn novel in my hand A warm blanket over my shoulders A happy place for me
Cats will take over The abstract world of my mind---- There's my ball of yarn!   I don't know how it Will happen but I will find That little red dot  
Okay, now, can a girl write? With a pen in my hand let me rant on and on Let me connect with the soft night rain.
Wagging, playing, happy pup, When I see you, I cheer up. Thanks for being you.
we share pomelo,vibrant despite the early sunday gloom.cut in half, its peel for a bowl,mum slices the edgeand the in-betweens.
When I look up at the stars and see how they shine bright, When I eat candy bars and watch you fly a kite, I feel good.   If I find the perfect dress that is like no other,
Things that make me happy are those little things in life.   Quiet mornings  Rainy days Warm coffee mugs  Wet nosed, doggy kisses Whiskers on cats and mice Holding hands  Chocolate
The smell of week old grass And morning dew on the side Of the hill that I know well Where I do reside   The bubble of feeling That wells up in the chests Of people who hear me
Smiling Sounds - sunshine for My soul, Simply acustic, comes alive at the touch. Behold the plucking music and the resulting roll. I close my eyes, my best sense magnified,
Sneakers laced up tight, Water bottle filled to fullest height. It may take a drive short or long but Always, I long to take a hike.   Nature beckons me to explore;
I like it when it's cold and when it rains and when it snows My sister tells me I can't have ice cream But she can't stop me, she should know I like it when it's cold and when the fridge is full of sweets
Contrasting colors Ink bleeding parchment Scrawling thoughts and fantasy Of far away lands of Elysium On the shores of bliss. The pen dances on the sea of white, Leaving trails of memory.
Morning sunrise, morning sunshine Tapping the paintbrush to the rhythm and rhyme Headphones set, getting the groove on Painting away to the songs Music to fill the soul, keep my heart from growing cold
when I'm feeling down one thing can turn that around a bright, yellow ball red seams and all a stick called a bat I can swing a glove or a mit three bases and one plate
In search of a lover One look at the cover I fall madly in love A seat in a chair Silence hangs in the air Perfect for a love affair A flip of a page I'm instantly engaged
    This is my promise Made under wide open umbrellas And cement so hot, it could melt rubber Under the cherry trees by clear lakes
"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got." I don't think there's anything more true than that. The world is changing, slipping and twisting in different ways, Ways I don't recognize anymore.
I hear my music Coursing through my veins I also feel music Rushing to my brain All I know is that we are alike Telling a story without fright With you I can be me and You always let me be
The sun beats down as if I’ve personally hurt it While I’m dressed in my varying shades of grey and navy blue Some faded from the sun and repeat wears that only the college poor can call trendy
A crisp fall morning. Waking up just before the sun rises. Watching the steam of a freshly brewed cup of coffee billow through the air. The scent of a freshly lit candle fills your lungs, seeing it's flicker from afar.
I come back to you everyday, When my day just seems down or my feelings astray, While others might turn to drugs or some addiction, I turned to you, and made it my -good- obsession,
Life is full of uncertainties Pull the knife out my back because its hurtin' me. Look at your friends, find out whose the real one Look up, burned my eyes its the real sun. Back to back bad days
Wrapped in your arms On a cold and rainy day Kisses on my cheek As i beg of you stay To sit by the fire
When struggling with life's many trials There are some activities that one may try For me, there's one thing I have in file A place for escape, for my mind to lie.   Full of clever wordplay and humor;
One of my favorite times is that transition of the sky between being black and when the sun comes starts to come up and make everything a pale shade of blue The quiet of itCars, freeway, trains in the morning  
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