Feelin' Good Scholarship

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What Makes Me Feel Good   It clung to me like a leech At the young age of 13, It was soft and sweet like Jell-O, Pop
One thing leads to another. When it rains it pours, at least that’s how it seems to be when it comes to me and bad days. Or any bad thing in general.
There's this girl I know who has short  black hair. She has big eyes and she has a kind  heart. I smile when she tells me about her day. This girl is so aware of the problems around
My name is Tan, I'm not a man, People think I am,  Man or not, people thought  I own a yacht, But I never said I did. My name is Tan, I have a plan, to be batman, 
I may not be the happiest i may not be joyful but  one thing is for sure if you want to see me happy  if you want to see me smile  show me a storie  and i will show you a girl
  A heart that is heavy, can be lifted not says the pessimist, the downlooker on life but then you see his eyes His eyes sparkle and stare at me lovingly, he enjoys covering my faces in kisses
A crisp fall morning. Waking up just before the sun rises. Watching the steam of a freshly brewed cup of coffee billow through the air. The scent of a freshly lit candle fills your lungs, seeing it's flicker from afar.
I come back to you everyday, When my day just seems down or my feelings astray, While others might turn to drugs or some addiction, I turned to you, and made it my -good- obsession,
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