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I want you. You know its true. I'll say it again. I want you. I want you. I want you badly. Have you ever wanted, badly? I badly want you. Sometimes I think I only want it as its bad. 
Hopeless, and I don't think that you noticed so i wrote this Cause I want you to know this before I disappear,whether I'm dead or gone,far from here Love my city although many mental wounds had to scar here
Honestly,can't think of a way outta poverty Palms sweating the fuck'll happen to my life, if I don't win the lottery Everybodies on my back,sometimes I wish they'd get off of me
Stare at this paper writing yeah life is complete Bullshit that is,music is my only retreat Demons haunting me I could never hope to defeat
I suppose we all know one day we'll die to some of us that might sound like a sweet  relief For others it may be a biggest fear.  For some, Life has been hell For others much better
Feel me? Feel my pain Love lost Love gained Love will drive you insane Love obtained can be tamed Nobody wants to be temporary Don't have time for "hi's" and "bye's"
Criss Cross Knock it off Save me the pity   Ding Dong Poof me gone Plenty of us are broken   Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot Threw my confidence over the moon 
My heart grows weak from the pain and the suffering of this cold hearted world i sit back and wonder why
Music gives me a feeling that I can't discribe It's not just what it does, its the power that each lyric brings upon us. Making me realize that I Am not the only one going through some problem that I can't discribe.
This is for you.
FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Black America has been inspired By these words from the past But are we truly free? This question puzzles me? When our fellow brothers and sisters
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