falling in love

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I grew up with the sentiment that "butterflies fluttering in your stomach" was a sign of falling in love.  
In those first moments, it was just a spark, A tiny flame that flickered in the dark, But soon it grew, and oh! How it glowed, Until it filled my heart and overflowed.  
i hope you find someone  you are content to just be with where not a word passes between you but you have never felt more heard  
it took him by surprise loving her was unlike any hollyood film or book he had read there was no fire in his belly when he saw her across the bar he didn't feel the urge to take her home and rip off her sweater
I blame the stars For the first kiss you stole form me When your lip brushed against mine The birds were singing all night   Every moment with you fells like I'm living in a movie
yesterday i fell in love fell in love the day before too and the day before that and on and on and on stretching back to when i first met you two  
Within our lives We fall In and out Of Love Over and over Again and again   Yet most of us We don't realize
i have watched my best friend fall in love 3 times   the first time as she talked about him i saw her eyes crinkle up at the the corners like the sleeves of her favourite sweater  around her wrists
    You can make me laugh, always  You can make my heart ache, longing for you to be with me this very second I can long for your breath against mine I can long for your lips against mine 
I have done everything in my power to become detached from the world. Reassuring my decision every time I stare into your eyes. My means of survival solely in the revival of your lips.
I boarded her heart. Careful to follow the politics of comfort. Too much weight on either side & We'll surely panic. Tumbling down. Spiraling out of control. I packed light.
I dwelt in thought. Reminiscing on the way that she made me feel. Gradually I moved into her. Packing light, reassuring that I'd bring the biggest piece of me.
Calloused hands Strings of Gold In three bands (or so I’m told)   Jet Black Studs Turquoise Hair
Stop this heart from beating Stop the blood from bleeding Stop my thoughts racing Stop my soul from aching These dumb mistakes I'm making Are they risks worth taking?
I crave you. In the most simplest and most complex forms. I need you. My sunshine and my thunderstorm.   I hear you. Laughter and heartbeats. I see you. Beautiful mind and kind eyes.
I am slowly stepping instead of falling for her. I never learned how to love so instantly. This feeling is far from what I prefer.   She is like the seasons of winter and summer,
You make it easy to fall, In love that is.   Not really my style, To fall that is.   I like to drift, And wade through my happiness, And sing light songs of those happy days,
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
Yesterday was once a dream, A memory of you,  just foreign gleam. When looking into your eyes after all this time, Like nothing has passed us by.
Here we are. It is you and me and I want it to be that way forever. Us staring at the night sky in a city neither of us have ever been to.   Tonight,
Able to breath Once again Like calluses gone soft Roses in bloom Stars shining With a Fresh breeze Baby's laughing Cheerful smiles Painful Laughter Hair that flows
Your blue eyes put me in a trance. Baby. Baby. Baby. I love you. I wish the best for us. To be together forever. I will fall for you every time. That smile…so addictive. That touch…unexplainable.
Is it possible To fall in love At first sight? To see someone and automatically feel A deep sensation A trembling infatuation? To disregard The viable pessimism Can a connection
As the words fall from your lips, As you crave another kiss, Who are you lying to? Because I know what you are saying can't be true. It takes more than a few days for love to grow past the kindling stage.
She sees her. A woman. Her. Not just "her", but HER. She who can be seen in the future: signing a morgage and hopefully raising a kid or two. Her brown reflect an inner purity like no other.
A heaving chest, Quick breaths, You stole the very air from my lungs.   A watchful eye, Beautiful surprise, You took my focus for yourself.   A thumping heart, Set apart,
The first time I realized I loved you You were sitting in front of the TV, It was glowing around you like you were Something holy
I fall in love with the way people live The way people are Their eyes and how they crinkle when they laugh The way their hair falls in just the right place The feeling of their arms around you
and so I fell in love with the way he fell asleep at night the way he breathed unevenly the annoying way he held me captive - during every phone call the way he made me late to meetings the way he laughed
(Switches perspective between two people in each indented section.) I didn't lose my mind, I threw it away.I really won't be needing it anyway. You intrusively gaze into my eyesAnd I tell you everything's fine.I thought you'd doubt me, thinking it
It's hard not to fall in love with someone when you spend so much time with them and see them for who they really are, especially when they think you are not watching their every move.
(Cinder)ella had pleaded A wish she had needed The young fairy was happy to provide Ella desired a prince Who would love her since
Don't let me fall, I'm already on the edgetrying to lean backwards,but the wind blew and blewI don't want to tumbleI don't want to loseBut I just can't help it,the wind is blowing me to you
I can still feel the heat of the sun on my skin Still feel the memory of where it had been As we both fell asleep We both fell so fast I looked up at you And I prayed it would last
Bright light, lovely pale flesh, reflecting blue as the moonlight catches movement, as fingertips dance across flesh, hot and humid breath catching at the back of your throat,
Hot kiss in the cold rain.A steady beat of a pulsing vein.The fearful calm of the never the same.The sweet aftertaste of your whispered name. Two extremes inside one heart. 
There are moments in life.Then there are moments, in life.It's a gift to know exactly whenyou discovered what love really is. It was laying ear to ear with you,So quiet I can almost hear your thoughts.
Pieces of me Are broken. I've fallen so far, So hard and so quickly. Crumbled into thousands Of pieces Unknowing if the Kings horsemen can put Me back together Again.
Okay, that's enough of that I think that my mind has finally had enough of you I'm so very done with your shit (Pardon my language) In truth, I'm not even sure if It's your shit I'm done with
On my cheek he'll kissThat's something that I'll missHis fingers between mineAnd how he smelled of pineHis giggle lingers in my earHis voice is oh so dearI miss the grey of his eyes
Friends with benefits What's the benefit When I'm falling in love And you're looking down from the cliff
It all started with a bet, thats all it took to make you fall in love with me.   We fell in love under the sweet summer sun, singing to the radio in your fast black car.  
I kept tripping over tree roots,
Eruptions, explosions, stars dying emitting their luminous lights that exasperate us.
Oh, falling’s just a one-way flight, My boarding pass: the smile you gave. And you would try to catch me, right?   My feet hang from this windy height. To fall in love, one must be brave.
At first sight      You scared me to death At first sight       I froze, unsure of what's next At first sight      I was so nervous At first sight      I tripped, distracted by  you 
I love you from the bottom of my heart
I've yet to swim in the darkest depths, for I never want to stay on the surface.
Remember that night were you thought I fell asleep on the car ride home?
Dreams run anewfresh In my mindas I think of you
An ache an ache
This thing of love, of loving and being loved. It consumes me in the gentlest of ways,  softly washing over me until I've been covered up; a blissful drowning. I've become willing to risk hitting a shelf 
I feel the breeze as I'm falling not the frightening wind but a comforting cloud assisting my descend   Through a mountain range   hills and valleys peaks and falls
  I want you to grab me in your hands and say I’m enchanting. That i whisper sweet notes into you souls heart. That I grab your mind in complicated twists of fantasy.
 When I look at you, I imagine everything good in this world. You are the mixture of hot and cold. I am, one or the other You are the only one, who truly knows me,
I watch from afar, And listen in silence. The sound of your guitar, It makes my heart melt.   But you’ll never fall. Not for a girl like me.
There was nothing I could do. Every cell in me has my cloned identity swirling at its core; Every cell in me froze- Programmed the same to do so- When my very essence had its epiphany. It was a serendipity
I'm falling with no chance of escape. This is what I've dreamed of my whole life. This is my worst nightmare.
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