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Not one that goes with the other Not your average definition No rhyme No hidden message   Just things, things I find awesome Just a tick tock Just hot air Just a trace with a finger
The other day I felt down and sad, I had so many problems I could not deal with, The thoughts kept buzzing making me mad, All the bad was unreal, a horrifying myth. I could not handle it, so I sat back and thought,
A million paths, all lead to one. You either lived life to the fullest or wait till it’s done. I’m ecstatic, I am scared. Doing what I love to do with the thrill of the unknowing.
“Gullible is written in the ceiling.” They said. “HAHA!” They said. “So clueless.” They said But I say “THANK YOU!”   They lead me to a surprise Only to be fooled into a joke,
“Kids today are so self-absorbed” “They’re always on tweeter and Face…something. They can’t even formulate thoughts that people want to read, but they post every little thing.”
When I think about life sometimes tears come to my eyes. The lack of money I have at times causes me strife. But then I remember my goals and what’s to unfold. Then I remember my blessings
The mood is low, but im on the moon My body is weak, but I  benchpress an elephant Fire surrounds us all and Im cold as ice Dont get in my way, Im already way past you     
26 letters
I'm smiling as I write this.  Not because I'm happy, no. If anything, I am quite sad. My mom is sick, the bank is taking away our house and we are left broke
Life is an elemental thread that runs thru the fabric of every human being An unforeseen future  can neither be exact fingerpainted looked at.. accurate by current situations  Dear Lord; 
People never truly realize the immense pain, They never truly realize what brought the rain. They never truly realize the light of the sun, They never truly realize until their night comes.  
In this world people we know and love constantly tell us "I got you. You can do it. You are beautiful." They let us know they have us no matter what. As long as the sun rises it'll be alright. But there came a time when the power turned off.
5 Years Ago To this day I still remember The french braid in her hair The all black the other was wearing Nobody told me But I knew Nights of crying over facetime
Your words are foreign to me
Yes, there are cracks in the sidewalk, coffee can burn you, and the light from the streetlamp shines through your bedroom window. You see life in the small sense, the little day-to-day pieces, "life."
Everything is awesome Until you reaize that it's not The wold is ugly With vitiation it is wrought The sky will always rain, and the world is filled with pain Pessimim reminds us why we must refrain  
Never surround yourself with negative or it'll dim your awesome,  If there are negative people in your life then go ahead and toss em' Be polite, be cordial, be kind, be modest  Be the greatest, not a sadist 
It baffles me The way you look into a mirror and don't see anything The way you've brought happiness & light into the dark cloudy days without realizing it
9:54 pm, clean skin, faintly tingling, wrapped in fresh linen, drifting away as an air conditioner buzzes, misting the room with cool that wraps its big blue arms
  I know what is expected of me But your expectations don't define me Things are different now We've come too far I've come too far to stop moving forward
As I try to connect the now with the then and the why with the sin, my heart leaks the words that speak to your attentive ears but you are blind to my tears along with reality and fantasy is all you see and it’s all you desire and thus I’m inspir
What to expect when all things get out of hand? You turn towards the thing that has been there since you were brought to this land All living beings, the birds, the trees Something more incredible than our life it seems
I wish that I was able to find out if magic is even real. People always tell me that it is no big deal, and that you should let it go. There are many different types of people in the world today, but there are few who actually matter to me.
Awaken to the sound of a mother’s song echoing sweetly beneath canopies of youth where fears cured by wealth become symbols of love consuming bliss like winds signaling spring
The world around me makes me feel free,  I feel one with it. If this green world around me, wasn't here i don't know what I would do. It gives me life! I breath in an known that im meant to be here.
Oh how the light hits her eyes. It's like heaven is shinning at her. It's like she dances with angles. It's like there is only holy in her being. Oh how the light hits her face.
When i was a kid life was awesome We play all day out side Basketball, baseball, kickball, football, soccer, tag, water guns, balloons, and slides, and every kind of race
what I thought would be sweet summer days  turned into sleepless summer nights I worry about things what things? everythings I thought I would be working  but instead days are filled with netflix 
You never realize it until you do things on your own. All your life your parents provide a home, your clothes, food, transportation... You never realize  how much they provide,
I know you're hurt, but can you help me sleep tonight? Can you let me sleep in ur arms tonight?...Just for one last night...
I look across the block And see you standing there. I hear the clock going tick-tock, While I hold that teddy bear.   Seeing you is just in my imagination I remember seeing you run those fairs.
Just yesterday, I abandoned my antisocial ways In exchange for a life of misery and failure This damn New York traffic keeps preventing me from acquiring any precious sleep  
Good morning sun! Good morning everyone!  Come with me, let's have some fun!   Feel the gentle breeze, look up at the fluffy clouds, what a beautiful day!
When everything seems to go dark,
Literally in awe, Of how awesome, Some of us are. Not every thing, Not every one, But some. Many, in fact. But not all. Hence- awe-some.
How is it the mind works? Truly, how is thought expressed? Because my mind makes synapses; They filter deep within and fester.   That is, until they leave or cannot exist.
Ha...everything is awesome when it's going my way Not your way or her way but my way all the way Yah it's all smiles and giggles when my style is filling The room    This room  
She stands tall
Life is Awesome, even though its not some Fairtale story that's entirely all fun Though it get's rough Life makes you more tough Pushing you pass your limits When you thought  you had enough.
From the clouds in the sky to the grass on the ground everything is awesome From the roof over my head to the bed I sleep in the clothes on my back to the shoes I walk in awesome
Looking out of the window I sat with my spine turned  and lingering over the end of this journey as I stepped away from her a tear fell but a smile followed  thoughts of wonder contacted the pain in my heart   
it's hard to be aware of the moving world around the whipping and rushing and tripping and gushing it's hard to stay with your feet on the ground   and it's much too easy to lose that footing
When my throat is raw and my eyes are red from words both unspoken and said I hear, The pitter patter of the rain replicating my pain
Have you seen the sky lately? the blue, the white, the clouds  how nice? Everything that sounds  awesome. The birds chirping and  singing the little kids dancing and  prancing isn't it awesome? 
I'm left behind, madness seeping in my mind I can't think of anything, I'm trying to solve everything Fix this problem and solve this mess, doesn't matter that I'm dying from stress
Yet my flesh might seem clean, I am tattooed with the labels of society.   Every morning her flesh starts clean, but by the afternoon she is tattooed with ideas.
She was my worst enemy My destined opponent Ten years we've fought Back and forth She hated me As I her Then a divine revelation An epiphany  In the form of a miniscule question
The space between our fingersis the color of your eyes at nightand my face when I notice.But also the first light of dawnand sticky, peach skin,the kind you pull with your teeth,
I’m having a hard time accepting I’m soft–soft stomach, soft heart,my soft way of telling othersI’m having a hard time.It leaves me hesitating at mirrors,
You are a amazingly beautiful person The way your smile shines even when you are in despair The way you work hard even when others dont believe in you Your words can make a person feel worthy of themselve
I have a best friend Her name is Amber Amber is blonde and Amber is tall She is beautiful She is smart She is silly And she is my best friend   Amber and I have an unbreakale bond
Silence is terrifying, but isn't it beautiful? All of your thoughts and nothing distracting you from them. Your hopes, dreams, and fears somehow seem so loud while everything else is silent.
Looking back, I must say it was heavenly Those days I complained about ballet Those nights I cried about practicing  I would do it again and again Growing wiser and closer to You made me see
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