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London Has Been Said In A .... " City Guide " .... To Be A PLACE TO SEE ... !!!!! But You Should Recognise ... That Prices Are HIGH Even For A Short Train Ride ... !!!
Does The Sight of My Hair Make You STARE ... ??? If Your Answer Is Yeah Do You Think That's Fair ... ?
Stevie, we were free, Stevie, you and me, On that golden day, Was it ’68?    The decade’s last few days, The whole wild world was crazed, But where we were was peace, For you and me at least.
Waking up is never my choice I would prefer to stay in my dreams Where you are with me  and not miles away   I wake to the ding of my phone But I know it brings traces of you
“Naughty Girl! DO You know? Where the wicked go? After Death?” Asked A Sadist TO A Small Girl   “They GO TO Hell” The Girl replied   “What Must You DO?
Our first evening in London he Keeps his arm around my waist and I Laugh at everything   He kisses me in the door of the flat And doesn’t kiss me again until we wake up
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