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Hey, she may be a sl*t,  But you’re no better. Only difference she’s  A female. And you’re trying to Get in whatever. You’re focused on  Body count. When you should be 
So I guess that our topic for
Discrimination. This nation. No matter the class or station. Unjust. Unfair. How I feel with this load I bear. Prude. Jesus Freak. The labels they stick on me.
your snide commentary about our collective thoughts puts everyone down   you're the reason  that we dread coming to your class
You want me to admit when I'm wrong, But you never do You say it's not right to lie, But you lie all the time You tell me to stop being gloomy But you're angry all the time
If it was the n-word he just said, you wouldn’t have tolerated it. If she had put a hand on me,
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