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You buy me flowers You kiss me on my cheek You take a shot of cough medicine And leave it on the sink
Why can't they be death? Determination in their voice Aware of their choice Their presence makes me a mess
My god used to carried me on his shoulders and call me “baby girl”
When I told my friend that I liked a boy she was ecstatic. She gushed. She squealed. She urged me forward. When I told my friend he asked me out she screamed. She laughed. She yelled. She asked me when we were going out.
Someone once told me My life wasn’t worth living That in the end I will be so lonely Asking for help or begging my homies   Dancing away my stress Singing my heart Acting as if
There once was a man named Dave Yet drastically different from Goliath unscathed. In dissapointement he was submerged But as fear drew nearer he found courage. Within his headphones, music provided escape.
stone walls I build around me  though my smile falters none  it's as if my will is caving  and i wish that i could run run from the problems  run from the promises 
And here we leave, we leave you with your unhappy lives, your unhappy eyes, and your unhappy gossip. And As I wonder how amazing my life will be, you will too. Only worry about me and not you.
Shes afraid of originality, so she doesnt speak her mind. 
Your words Sharper than a knife Thrown at my heart and I’m left bleeding inside My whole life has been lived through your eyes Nothing can ever be mine   Empty compliments
Perfection You strive for it You reach toward it You momentarily grasp it But then you fall, Stumble yet again   And as the familiar taste of gravel in your mouth
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