diamante poem series

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Natural Unchanged, Pure,  Genuine, Straightforeward, Inartificial
Reality What is real Nonfiction, Reallife, Actuality
Abjure Abstain from Renounce, Withdraw, retract
Dislike Not agreeable to one Hard for one to swallow and keep down
Generosity Giving, charitable Unselfishness, Hospitality, Nobelness
Vigor Motion, Busy Liveliness, Vitality, Active One would rather be active than lounge about. 
Calm Peaceful, Tranquil Patience, Composure, Harmonious
Modesty Shyness, Timidity Humility, Humble, Simplicity
Good will Concerning, Caring Compassion, Thoughtful, Understanding
Day Warm Sunlight Radiant, Carefree, Awake I feel the warmth of day, only to feel the cold night.
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