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A wise person once told me It’s not about me. It’s about those who come before me and those who come after me   Thus, I must do
Numb, I try to get up but I sit blank.Can’t blink so I pinch myself, -“ok I’m awake.”It’s crazy, -sober or not I was wired to hallucinate.Shake it off like it’s just from bein up so late.
A scurry in the wood I wonder if I should Smile and stay around Or leave the sacred ground   Here live nature's creatures Some are big and some small Untouched by our world
There is prejudice still living in the veins of this countryIt seeps in and taints like poisoned blood manifesting into senseless body bags from killers corrupted by ignoranceYour hatred is a disease
Life is a long journey,  With paths of uphill and downhill.  On a road with successes and failures,  Obstacles can be overcomed,  Goals can be achieved. 
The world keeps turning My mind keeps spinning The sky calls out to me   My heart is pounding  I feel like flying  But there's something I can't see   What lies ahead
The Living Planet wonders in my heart pulling, tugging, dancing. It's not about how much time we have left it's about how much work we have to do.   The power of law and kindness.
Inspiration, for me comes from the ink carved squiggles of the written word. Never before has anything been more beautiful 
Out of the dark, into the sun; skin shimmering eyes watering, what have I done?
Click, click, click time stood as rare as a heart beat, "shes flatlined", panic filled the room like an elpephant, I was bare. Mourning rose as the sun,
It used to be the storm. A hurricane surrounding me  until I couldn’t breathe;  The world spinning and collapsing Not hearing a single sound
Inspiration, something that takes time Something that can be hard to find Family, friends, objects For me, none were the right kind Family is an inspiration Influencers they are
What inspires me, you may ask? Is it the medal, the trophy, that gleams extravagantly above? No, it is instead my immaculate Savior, The one that epitomizes the word "love."  
Young one as told. My brother not old. With a smile so precious, To me it was treasured.  No words spoken, But, actions taken. Thoughts so clear, There was no fear. Then I knew,
Today Off you go my dears to fight a war you know nothing of Fire in your bellies Youth in your veins Raising your fists to the opposition while you are still too young to know what oppositions means
  Near the hazy streetlamps Shrouded by the storm, I walk down the street Head down, boots splashing in puddles,
Is what he always said It was the catchphrase they knew to capitalize on But I never could So instead I listened to the words And why not?
I breath in the crisp air coming in a life giver My mother the one who embraces me with warm hugs My father the provider the one has sacraficed so much just for me
  Today is the best day ever. You said it everyday. And everyday you were really saying, Everyday gets better. You make it better
I didn’t know you,  and then I did.  I didn’t see you, and then I did. From miles apart across the nation, To pushing each other
Countless people curse its name Giving it a negative frame Saying, "Who needs all that nonsense?" But, I say, "That belief is rather dense."   They tell us to cease our endless staring
They ask me of my inspirations, yet, to many to be explained. The air I breathe, the colours I see, are two out of many ways.
The trees have wilted. The fruit has rotten. Concrete and steel scrape  at her warm embrace.   The watercolor dreidel spins in slow motion
  A great conversation exists Between poets of the past Between rhymester and reader Author and audience Minstrel and muse   The artist desires To add her dialogue
Words. Words have power. Words shape our world. In a book. In a speech. On a street sign. In our language.   Words. Words give us the ability to express our innermost feelings.
People Oblivious, self-aware Advising, despising, tolerating Everyone is uniquely different Humans
Time’s a thief and it’s a friend, It brings the story to its end, It sweetens grapes, Decides your fate, Takes love and gives it back again.  
A boat sailing from a shore that offers my desire to fix shattered waves   Sail me, built in time, to a shore of rest Still, to be secure from crashing waves crashing waves
Do not go gentle against those who are corrupt,Shameful those who just stand by;Rage, rage against the dying of society. Though wise men loose sight of what is right,Because their assets rise and ego enflate,Do not go gentle into that dark hole. G
Mama, Mama To be just like you I thought at only two Pretty as a dove Soaring high above.   Mama, Mama So brave you are I look up to you Like I look up to the stars.  
What inspires me When I look upon the trees. I love to sit in awe Way deep down in the straw. I find my deepest thought taking place
If that tumor were a bullet I would’ve taken it for him. If that tumor weren’t a part of him I’d wipe it away, throw it away, put a stamp on it And send it away. But that would be too easy.   Cancer isn’t easy.
Money makes the world go round.  Money  Mone Mon Mo M Mo Mov Move the world the way it needs to go. 
There is a piece of my heart - Torn, flighty, and wild,  Free spirited and purposely audacious-   And it begins now to throw First pebbles, then stones, At my windows,
It was always the same question, but never with an answer It was never only one person It always about life and what happened around my surroundingSeeing the things that came to be before my eyesIt was then that I knew what I had to do. As everyth
What is inside me 
I had a dream of never being good enough  Being Hidden in the cracks of the world due to my unapogetically curvy size No Im not sorry I belong just like thinner bodies.          
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