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You became family when you moved to my place.You showed a lot of love when you licked my face.It was sad and heartbreaking when I watched you die.You weren't just a dog, you were also my Sweetie Pie.
Some Chihuahua dogs are hateful but you weren't hateful in the least.You were a very special dog and it's painful because you're deceased.Just one month ago today, you were still alive.
Silent Ones   When the sky is dark, and the wind is cold, And the rain comes down, fold on fold,
I miss them Every day I see something that reminds me of them see them everywhere I wake up in the morning And drag myself out of bed They left to soon They took a part of me I try to stay composed
First, you lost your mind  and I tried to help you but you were already  gone.   Next, you lost your voice there was nothing to do but watch you.  
Alone in the chilling void,Feeling emotionless as a metallic droid.Why am I here?Why can't I stop these vast rivers of tears?Never been so afraid, so cold;Yet, I see a fluttering, red light, so vivid and bold.
 I don't know why you had to go
Tears burn my gentle face What hurts me the most Is knowing there's nothing I can do But look up at the midnight sky And pray you know how much I miss you My first heartbreak and you weren't there
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