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The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
Rain falls in the morning glory Smile, and colors ignite
The way he looks, The way he smiles, The way he says my name,  It makes me fall for him, I'm crushing hard, He's everything I want, He is caring, He is fun,
Butterflies Fluttering in my stomach or Crocodiles Gnawing at my innards I don't know which But it's somewhere in between  
I said I liked you         & you said you do too but youre only you when they're not around   But that smile & your wink it's getting to me
Their wings tickling your sides and fluttering through you.   They kiss you from within and make you feel afloat and nervous.   They spew uncertainty into the air and it hangs in your throat.  
The room is dark.   There’s nothing surprising about the void. The silence in my head. Or the drumming in my heart.  
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