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I know of a man appealing like a million dollars but his net-worth cannot amount to a single cent.
My Uncle joined the circus, which is okay, I guess, if you like that sort of thing. Truth is, that sort of thing really creeps me out, like how  Lunchables 
  . midnight ping-pong ball a gallant moon wakes the sky unseen sun paints light ajs
To spill the anger burning inside, To caress the heart crying,  To impede the endless thinking of mine,  To prevent myself from dying.    To cherish the precious memories made, 
White wings, golden paths to evil Love extricated from retrieval  Hearts of boilng ice, frozen fire
Sitting around.Thinking;I want to be something. Going to school.Got to do something more.I've got to be something more. Days never changing...Wanting to be more.I have to be more.
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