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The conquest of bread Is the journey of men Of mankind, to elevate Not to discriminate   For what does it matter What tongue you speak,
Vietnam my home away from home.  The place where parents were born  From the loud motorcycle's horn,  To the vast street vendors across the town,  To the dreams I discover in the fields of rice,
Let's all join hands to sing as one Let's all pretend to hear no guns Let's let them starve so we can eat Let's shackle them so we are free Let's wave the paper high and proud
Oh, say can't you see By the light of the dark That they whither, they fear, and they try not to starve?   I ask: do you hear From high in that lap The screams of the many who've finally snapped?
Oxygen It’s all we need to breathe. But being able to say the word “oxygen” is perhaps, The truest form of novelty. Oxygen is a light molecule with a light composition,
Marxists and State commies working to smash the state, Do you know what you're fighting for? Besides the assembling of an equally bleak and evil State, of course? Shit flingers of Israel and Palestine,
I was always told to share Almost forced to give away my colored pencils, or my snacks Sharing is caring
A gust of heartless air escaped the cracked door I arrived just in time to inhale the aftermath of decayed black crows, Only to regurgitate the clumps of feathers I almost suffocated.  
Peace! Land! Bread! This is by no means outdated. When Lenin made these promises, He wasn't just thinking of Russia. He was thinking of the impoverished of Africa, The hungry in America,
Tick-Tock-Tick- TockThe world, can never stopLike sheep- they always- flock Consumed with liesTheir eyes be blindThey never hear the cries 
Life; funny as it may be; daring as it should Could not compare to this, or so it would All problems faced to the majority as a whole
Her name, Mei-zhen, embossed in the jade pendant that chafes the base of my throat permits only shallow gasps to egress.
One way or another They'll try to give you peace Some day, now or later They'll force you to see their way Chaos is Order Leave or Give Over
When that I was a little tiny boy, Me daddy said to me, ’The time has come, me bonny bonny bairn To learn your ABC’.
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