Christian faith

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He is God.   He is God not Michael or John But he is God The only one He is God Of all nations and all races Yes he is Lord And Creator of all places    
Temptation That moves sensations And offers a temporary gratification An offer many have taken Scriptures read the prayers that lead
Dear friend Dear father Dear lord Dear creator Dear god That's what you are Right?My questions overwhelm meAnd even now I doubt When will I learn to trust you,Live free, and Give my all to youGod I'm tiredTired of knowing of you But not knowing yo
What awakens my eyes? What seemingly invisible something Sparks my passion, without wrinkling my soul I grow older
It is the foundation of religion It is the force that keeps the mind and spirit together It is the state of belief   Fear takes over this world Many peoples’ curiosity and notions has been the end of them
But I’m broken. And now anger overflows within me. And I still feel lost. Not because I still love you, this isn't even about you anymore.
Strong men went to war,                                                                                                                             
That Book That book.That bookthey saidHe said. E’vrythingwe needed toknow beforeHe was Dead. saveour souls.
here I lay on my face so ashamed such disgrace they wanted me  for sex alone when they have it you're on your own battered torn hurting bruised by those men
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