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Inside we all know the future is a mystery, but we can't help but want to figure it out, to know everything will be okay, to know we'll make it through the hardships of our current day to day,
Why is it a sin to bloomTo bloom means to express yourself in someone elseSo why is it a sin to bloomTo bloom means to be freed from the inside outIs it a sin to find yourself?Is it a sin to find someone else?The Christians believed that there is
Dear ED, How you made me feel like Eve, at the early age of 13. Taking me to the Garden of Eden, just by opening up that one Teen Vogue magazine.
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
He is God.   He is God not Michael or John But he is God The only one He is God Of all nations and all races Yes he is Lord And Creator of all places    
an eclipse of the sun has tainted my inner vision sullen brevity we go through changes in life to reach into the hearts of others
Lets think of this as a poem rap song:   I used to be the type of person who use to be a mess. My reason for that was because I was depressed.
I wonder everyday what words to use to make you listen to what I have to say  And if these words are the right ones to make your understand  I wonder everyday if my words even make you care
The universe obeys his every command. Everything is awesome, Because my God is awesome.
My life is awesome, creative, and sweet, But there is one thing just hard to beat. That's his power, so merciful and strong, So that I know he can't be wrong. My life day-to-day is not quite exotic
Let's write out a story Let's start pouring your heart into an glass that will never be filled And let's cry all night hoping the the pain you feel with be washed away with the salt water coming from your eyes
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