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It was a day for a manzanita. The first drive, down the street she went, living la dolce vita.   At the river of time, a brown-eyed cheetah,
I'm´ drownin´ in my head, I just can't stop thinking,Maybe soon this heart will stop, so the thoughts will too.You're mind is scarred
Once upon a time, there existed a hare, who could win any race with his running flair. "I'll beat anyone, fair and square," the hare bragged to his fans without a care. As if on cue, a cheetah came along, confronting the hare and directing a menac
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
When I was a young child, I loved myself. I confidently strutted my polka-dot sweater and striped skirt,
  The scorching Serengeti heat casts a spotlight
 Shining on a glorious creature whose life is finite
 He enters the land of the stories untold But he is the hunter whose task is so bold

A cheetah hides in the shadows, As I hide from my fears. A cheetah is never afraid, yet I am. A cheetah attacks its prey with practice ease. Yet no matter how I try I fail to.
swift lithe faster and faster but only when seen like this can it be seen the detail the spots, like little black stickers the skin stretching like putty
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