boys will be boys

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I know I’m beautiful. The compliments are nice…  But not new. Not meaningful. Not unique. You told me I was wearing a nice shirt-
Too much fun as the night begun Didnʼt think too much of it but my mind was slightly unfit I danced some reminiscing, i feel dumb
Ate my words,I'd lost them.It was the boy who wastoo lanky,too  small,too   young,too    pureand probably too much the theatre teacher's sonto harass me.
Don't shoot the messenger Unless she's a woman Don't shoot the mesenger  Unless her skin has become an invitation They scream at her She knows they're just words That couldn't be possibly understood
You look at my paper and say, It's wrong, you're wrong, you fail, I struggle to learn what I need, You struggle to teach us the answers to the test, Tests are more important that my knowledge,
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