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I have been very independent. Very to myself. No one to cry to.  No one to ask for help.  People help me with obvious things though; like homework, essays, and colleges apps.
Open skys, please open Wide. Hold my wings and allow me to glide. Take my pain that I hide. And bring through the clouds a brand new tide.
I need someone who will be there for me. A person who is not afraid to get down on their knees. A character who will be a hero and not a villain. Someone who can make my life thrilling. Can anyone be that person?
I do not speak loud
Still pulchritudinous, I can see you now, No Mystery here; nor why or how, ~ The color of perfume caressing your arms, This damn velvet scent will never change,
Have you ever thought of suicide? If you’re strong enough to put a blade to your throat? Or a gun to your head?
It's not easy I know. Going where nobody likes to go. A touchy subject that's for sure. But do you even know her? The struggles she's faced? The heartbreaks and pain?
There seemed to be no way out. I couldn’t scream and I wouldn’t shout. I let it go in a dangerous way. Too much has happened for me to say
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