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We use to laugh, We use to talk, We use to confide in eachother. I was totally in love with my bestfriend. You can fall in love with friends too.I.would give her my last, my life I let her hold in the palm of her hands. She was so beautiful then.
I sit here, quietly alone, Still looking for you to come home. Silly of me to think such a thing, I know, But my heart, and the idea, I can't let go. You've been the beat to every heart beat I've had,
We all know who is man's best friend But who are our second best friend Books books and more books for sure Because they never change with time like people do Each word and the sentence remains the same
It all started one day, and I had no clue of what was coming my way I can't believe it's true. I was told it would happen,
The sun was skin kissing, much like summer but it was the opposite season. The feeling of motion sickness was taking over my body. I fell into a deep sleep knowing we had miles to go.
Growing up, my room was colorful with pinks and flowers as lights hanging on my wall. My bed was a queen size bed, with flower sheets, flower pillows, and a little flower lamp by the bedside.
O DOUG! my Doug! Our joyful trip is done, The collar weather’d every task, the happiness we made was fun, The time is near, the sobs I hear, the people all crying,
I always had a problem with liking people My list of crushes has five names and I can still name all of them off the top of my head I was told I'm too picky and that’s why I'm still single
“Together forever” “Together until the end of time” That’s what we used to say But every promises Are meant to be broken   Everything has changed We’re slowly getting further
Her eyes lift gravity  created within her hands  I allow her to loop Push me into reverse and the trail  continues with my gratitude  My collapes I heap into her comfort  A state of solace 
  The Encyclopedia   The books of all books The mind of all minds Not always politically correct And the values sometimes questionable
Thoughts of you surround me, You're The beating of my heart. The love you give defines me, My life no longer in the dark. I am lost if you're away, You have me so completely,
When I thought no one cared And I was alone, You were there.   When my situation back home became too much to live with, You were there.  
Dear Best Friend,
Dear Mr. Right, There you were Sitting at my kitchen table We were talking about anything and everything Just like we always do
    Letter Poem- Dear Best Friends   Hey! How have you guys been? I’m sorry we all couldn’t keep in touch.
To the girl with the beautiful soul,  
You’re different from anyone I have ever met, After all that I have done and the mistakes I’ve made, you’ve never left, You’re beyond special to me, partly because we were best friends first,
The love you have is yours, Yet you give it away to me. Adding love to mine, never dividing. Flowers grow in the gardens, yet no rain falls. For your sun shines and our joy like birds.
Because I love you, Lets build, Because I love you, I want to be able to share a cup of coffee with you, Because I love you, lets be adventurous  Because I love you we should have boundaries,
Darling I see you there with your big smile It’s like you don’t have a care in the world You’re good at school and have a great sense of style You love your anime and your sweets
Because i love you i will do anything to keep you safe from the world from your family no drugs are every gonna break you no drink is ever going to take you away from me because i love you ~darla
I watched us grow apart, you found new joy. Memories, pictures, and moments I watched them be created. Without me. Because I love you.   We spent everyday together, laughing.
I have some errands I need to run Not too exciting But if you come You will make it fun   Yes my love, do what you need to do I am your helpmate Here to assist Because I love you  
Ten years agoWe met in school<br>I was a nerd with glasses<br>And you were overweight<br><br>High school found us much the same<br>I was no cooler, and you were no thinner<br>But you had my back, and I helped yo
You are always happy to see me You never get annoyed when I want to snuggle You curl up willingly on my lap and head bud my hand as a sign to tell me that you'd like to be petted
I’ve had a long day. I’m coming home. I kick off my shoes, Moaning and groaning.   Then I see you. My face lights up.   You run towards me. You jump on me. You lick my face.
Being surrounded by loved ones temporarily make me feel strong,  but the silence of my house causes reality and I realize you are really gone.  Over and over again trying to convince myself this is merely a dream, I cry out to God pleading for him
Did you get home okay? Little things like this show you care You are always there, even when you are not. Just a call away even in spirit A gift from God even though sometimes we fight like hell.
He was gone and thank god for that My Nicole so sweet you screamed at me you looked me dead in the eye and told me to wake the fuck up this is the world we live in - you said
I wanted to write her an apology But I just couldn’t find the words My voice had been stolen And just like Ariel in the little mermaid, I couldn’t speak
Something I can't live without isn't hard to choose he is one of many I don't want to lose. He spends his time loving and caring for me all while hoping I set myself free. He does not judge, he does not hate,
        Her love is unconditional        Her smile lights up a room          Her look gives me hives           But she will never know       Her body gives me feeling       That never use to show 
It’s the middle of the night. I let the clock reach 2am before I realize that it’s going to be one of those nights. Before I accept that it will be one of those nights.
Being on an island... What would I need? Would I need another person? Would I need an object? Would I need an animal? There are so many things I could take.   Being on an island...
They say you can only take one  
(For my best friend)   This you cannot touch, But it means so much, Even though we are four years apart She’ll always have a special place in my heart.  
Where have you been all my life? I've been looking for you. You hide from me where i can't find you. I need to find you. My heart believes you're the one, although i don't know who you are.  
Give it to me Fingerlicking Oh Yeah This is heaven, you ARE my sin  It's innocence lost. If you got sny prettier, you can be my goddesse. Touch my heart but go a little slowly.
Together we pick your destination 
Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you want to leave behind?  Are you a fly on the wall, or a lesson to teach us all?   Hey little fighter, things will get brighter. Just wait and see.
We hold hands, hug and sometimes flirt, We talk trash, cuss and publicly wash each others dirt, Our connections seems more natural like twins at birth, For sure, we would scratch each others back till we depart this earth.
met you in the fourth grade back when we were just ten spent half my life with you every step since
This girl, We laugh together, we cry together, hell we even got high together! We look for each other after class, but always before dinner. This girl, this girl! Man, in my eyes, she's a winner.
I usually start off with my regular I love you, and you're the best..
the Awesome mother of three, was crazy indeed she runs all day chasing, playing, and frolicing in every way
Gaby Watching your body hit the ground Your body just laying there cold as ice
Let me tell you something your beautiful.
Who am I I am me and she is she I am my sista girl’s best friend Down with her to the bitter endI love her no matter what and pass no judgment 
how could you
Your're alwyas therewhenever I need youthrough thick and think you stay so truethrough our tough times and bleak times
He loved me once Everyday he told me so.  Anytime of the day it didn't matter. Right there beside me or There in the middle of the day. space between us grew bigger and bigger
She's my bestfriend and i wouldnt trade her for the world  If she goes down i will to  If they send her to the crazy house ill be chained up beside her  If I cant be free she wont be either
BEAUTIFUL Life is a BEAUTIFUL place So BEAUTIFUL that it shouldn’t be taken away
I miss you even doe we see  you every day but when you said our long lasting friendship is over it took my breath away you were mor importan to me than anything you were like the sun shining on my diamond ring with out
Some days she laughed and it felt like sunshne on my skin, and when she smiled it smelled like sugar. But some days she cried. Oh, some days she cried.   And the car has never been so cold.  
I thought it would take years to find you,
Theres nothing better than seeing your smile on an early morning Amoungst the chill weather I feel something else Your warm body warped around mine And its one of the best feelings in the world.
Where were you when I needed you most?
For Oe.
Dear Bae  You text me all night & day I appreciate you to the fullest in every way I listen to you & everything you say You be balling on the court & i wish i could see it all
You made me believe it was possible to trust another human being. Of course the only reason why I've become so cynical of trust, is simply because i've been broken by constant sorrow,
Couldn't see, couldn't hear, darkness was everywhere Why did you leave? I needed you More now than ever I'm so lost without the two of you Remember when you would call me boo?
  I tried so hard To hold you near But then it happened My greatest fear   You made me laugh You made me cry I still don't understand
Nowadays I am very lost, We tend to ignore the ones we love, and you were the cost. I'm up late at night pondering, Thinking about different things,  My mind keeps wandering. 
Lady Lune hear my tune Every gracious thing I say, is for you  Whether its enjoying the weather or, how do you do  Trying to break awkward, so terse 
That day will haunt my thoughts As long as I live Sixteen years old; so full of life You had so much to give A son, an uncle, a brother My very best friend I will never forget that tragic day
Secret telling, Burst out laughing, Dumb fights, Long nights, Smiles and tears throughout the years, Only caring, Parent sharing, Mind reading, Sentence finishing,
Remember when I made her smile? Lips parted like you haven’t seen for some time. Those thoughts The ones that plagued her mind.   Those that caused her to pick up the yellow bottle. Empty it.
She wove golden rays of sunshine into a long and flowing dress, that left the scent on everything she touched, of nature's sweet caress. Everywhere the girl did go, the flowers would all bloom,
Is it a light at the end of my tunnel
I love you because of how you make me feelWith you I feel as though everything is possibleAround you my heart has a tuneIt doesn't just beat but it composes to your musicYour voice is wonderful and peaceful
Do you even understand? Do you even care at all? She’s a sweet girl, a loving girl Did you have to go and break her?
I was all alone
The theory of opposites attracting is a dirty lie in the world of humans opposites tear each other apart yet not in the painless physical, they pull at every tender spot of your mind, but its your fault
My parents said my desired career was not fit for this world. They said I will not make enough money to live. I want to change the world. I want to BE somebody. Do they not understand?
Cat An animal with fur and 4 legs Meowing and Dancing Chasing mice down the hall Leaving Footprints on my heart
Hank is my whole world,He makes me laugh,And sometimes he makes me cry.He keeps me in the present,He has taught me that you need to learn from your pastTo prepare for the future,But live in the moment,
My name is Alyssa and fourteen years ago in March something complicated happened that changed my life forever.
If I could talk to you, I would tell you how hard its been without you here.
My quote is from the song “Coming Down” written by the hard rock band Five Finger Death Punch.
          Is it that easy? You shoot up, the pants come down. You get your money’s worth. I’ll leave the gain. Rusty lemon types, sour and boney. Like larvae, comfortable and worry-free. Days tick tick, living under a spell.
Your my bestfriend And when I say I love you I truly do You came into my life
hundred tiny white shells at my feet, I have to tred carefully. Suddenly they crack, and I'm falling. What happened?! Did I do something wrong?! Down a hole where nobody goes,
Your prescence warms me and you're always there. No matter what, you leave room for me. When I'm down you help me up. You've seen me at my best, but mostly at my worst. You've seen it all, and still you remain by my side. I love you, friend.
The elegance dripped from her body onto her toes, as if someone had taken and lifted her above and beyond my world. Had draped beauty over her soft spoken words and slowly released all her pain until there was no more.
our friendship meant alot for you and me  until the end we never thought we'd part like this we beleived it'd be forever now its called a memory you used to be the one i believed that your the one
Back then you were just a stranger
everything you’ve known is nothing morethan an inception placed by none other than
when you give everything to someonewho is supposed to standby your side
3,014 days since you breathed your last breath. 3,014 days since you last felt pain. 3,014 days I have been given to wonder if making it to the next day would be worth it.
I remember that first day, even though it was many years ago. I was only three years old, but those three years had been amazing. However, they would never compare to the next fourteen.
There's a lot of things that don't make senseLike how it's possible for bumble bees to flyOr why we learn cursive as childrenOr why Chipotle charges $1.50 for guacamole
Hold me down, Like an anchor You keep me at bay, Save me from the dark waves That try to pull me under Secret caves, You're the light that directs Me to the safehaven,
You'll be leaving soon Off to begin the adventure of your life.  You'll be exploring the globe. Ocean to Ocean. Mountain top to mountain top. Your book will reach to its final chapter someday.
Emotions held in, Tight, but pinned, Tears want to fall, But can't be seen, at all. The balloons held in our hands, The memories, they dance, Let go, the balloons fly,
  I got up this morning, curled my hair.   On a Sunday! I wish it were for church.   But I can’t begin to tell of the despair,   The loss, the sad, or the hurt.      
  Riding for miles, Your perfect smiles,   Silent conversations, Innocent flirtations,   The hot, sunny days, They passed me in a daze,   Mindless texts, Not knowing what comes next,  
Sometimes we disagree, But that’s okay. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re always there, You’ve helped me grow, And you always know what to say,
I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't fall so hard. Next time I won't cry... Next time. I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't step up so quick, Next time I won't ask...
This is why we fight all of the time: You and I, we're the same Stubborn, foolish, a little selfish But most importantly, we both need to be right. All. Of. The. Time.
  I know a girl Her name is Layla She’s thin and fragile Like a ballerina She smiles with her eyes And laughs with her heart She cries with her soul And says “I’m okay”
You always seem to know. You're here to stay, only one not to come and go.   What would you say, If I told you that my heart skipped a beat,  everytime you looked at me?  
Words never meant to be heard by my earsBut if they concern me, how are they not?If my best friend's voice is heardWhispering mine behind a curtainDoes not my moral compass remain unscathed?
USMC fighting to save, support  you earn respect and give it  then proudly wear it  the respect becomes yours  they fight till the end brothers all in all  guns in hand 
You're my sister, though not by birth I've chosen to love you We've grown together and learned together Our bond is something true When in peril, we're reliable  Just call and I'll be there
Let's bring back words no one says. Let's laugh ay ourselves and each other. Let's smile at things we did a "long time ago". Let me be strong for you, when you cannot. Let's not forget one another.
Arial   We were in a fightDied in a car accident She was my best friend 
You were my friend You were very loyal But life had to give you an end Life just had to coil   We played when I was very young We played inside and out You stayed quiet when the door bell rung
I can't tell you how much this hurtsI can't show you this painBut I wish you could see I've made mistakes But I wish you could see I ain't perfectNear being close to perfectI wish you would understand I wish you would care there isn't anything I c
We don't chill anymoreWe rarely talkI'm barely hereI've moved away emotionally The laughter in your presence is forcedMy love for youTainted with remorseSits upon a shelf labeled fragile
Friend, I was so shocked when I heard of your fate. How could something so bad happen to someone so great? I shed many tears and hugged many friends. I tried to reason why your life had reached its end.
  Joy, happiness, and excitement You in body all these, You were not acquired by accident, You know me for who I really am,  You understand where I've been,  Accept me who I've become.  
If I were to die and be reincarnated I would hope to meet you once more; if time is kind and allowingI hope to have you as my friend once more.
The grass is green and the sky is blue We are young, both me and you We run for days in full delight  How could we know your dreadful plight?  But together forever  Isnt that how it goes? 
Whats a person to do when their down in the dumps? When is it time to stop all the cryin' and suck it all up? When do you tell someone they need to just laugh? What should you do if theirs no response to "Whadup?"? 
  When nearly everyone looks at this word One or a group of people come to mind But for me this word means more than inferred
brown hands that hold burned finger tips and tear drops that fall silently insidewith these words, can i give you love?with these words, can i be that handkerchief to keep them dry?
The day I met you. Seems like just yesterday, when it was love at first sight. My first day.  You were wearing a McDonalds uniform as was I. Drenched in sweat you still said "hi".
I'm missing you everyday, You are always on my heart and mind, I try to see your face but I fear it is fading away, Im longing to hear your voice, I'd love to hear your laugh,
Shes blind She walks around thinking they are really her friends Thinking that he truly loves her She is deaf Hearing only what she wants The rumors are nothing but a lie
"Is she always like this?" I'm asked time and time again The crowd always follows Even when they know nothing They're curious about her As only the physical is obvious to them
When sadness turns your day to night And clouds hide all the stars from sight Don’t lose hope in who you are Here I am, your shooting star. Those darn clouds are here to stay And now your nights a rainy day
Pouting like a baby, who was just told no. Trying to maintaining your composure, so you don't explode. Turn your head from me, so i wouldn't know. But i can see, tell me what's happening.
Thoughts- they can either be a bad thing or a good thing. What happens when those thoughts involve a potential burial 6 feet under. I'll tell you what happens, those thoughts turn into visual scenarios.
the life you live not always the life you want crying your eyes out, wearing long sleeves, putting up a front heart broken shattered into a million pieces attacking ones self thinking your only releases
(poems go here) This morning the rose settled on a dead pine, distinguished with the color of smoke. Remember the red fire.
How could I ever forget that day? Her eyes beaming bright, a fire kindling in her heart, and a boundless energy to inspire, all stared back at the seven of us in the floor length mirror.
Roses are red, Violets are blue You are my bestfriend, and I love you!
My best friend's name is Dorothy, we are happy as can be Elementary school is fun, and pretty easy! We play games, like tag and pretend too! We'll be best friends forever because i need you
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