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just like Bogart and Bacall we wander aimlessly exposed to the elements shattered glass on the pavement floor we sharpen are number two pencil still there is an empty feeling deep inside
There is no greater felon, than that of the innocent bystander: He who sees... Does no wrong. Does no good. The person who witnesses pain and suffering and,
I used to meet you in the park. You had pride- you said. "This is only temporary. I'm looking for a job, Not living on welfare."
That one feast during that one time of the year That one moment when calories don't matter, we have no fear Across that one big table we can barely see Through that one turkey big enough for the entire family
Home is the place where we belong It is the love in the paneling- it builds us up, makes us strong; to believe in who we are, to know that there is place for going back when we've gone too far.
You’re at a red light and a homeless man approaches you And you act like you have nothing when you’re sitting in your BMW
My snakeskin eyes are full of haze The dams that held strong, the tears give way My heart is heavy, but with nothing inside Kneeling down in the ashes, I cried The malicious wrath blazed through my house
Children, Quiet nights, chubby toes, imaginary friends in class. Water balloons, ice cream trucks, green blades of grass. Children, Mistakes made, processing death, moving away with dad.
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