' 'because.i.love.you' relationship

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I’ll be there when your heart sinks low, I’ll be there when life seems all a blow, And when life seems to put up such a show, I’ll be there to keep it all slow.  
Because i love you...i scream with tears running down my face. Becacuse i love you i cant learn to hate even though you're bring me pain. Because i love you theres always a voice in my head yelling your bewitching name.
Love happens With a destitute heart, She seeks for love in the most likely places. She takes her longing heart and lays it out like a mat,
He makes his presence Making my heart pound loudly I hope he won’t hear   He is my sunshine On the darkest of days And the gloomy days
Sometimes I get overwhelmed.Sometimes I need space.I hope that’s okay. Sometimes I get overwhelmed...It feels like I’m drowning and I can’t get out.  Feelings, people, emotions, and clout.
I’m black and comely for the sun has kissed me for the moon made love to me, for the blackness of space has seduced me, for the stars there sensational spark bust me like a grapefruit my exposure seeds to my root.
Although no one could see her  straight to the eye,  Medusa met someone once upon a time, 
lo my wife is all i see like a lost boy on a canoe lost at sea for the storm is at large my tears taste like salt from the sailing of the sea....my wife is all i see please set me free to a place where you and i can be, give me your hands come
Cold dark and windy I stood there waiting, hoping, forgotten Face to face with the ugly truth that the love he once gave me was no longer mine Covered in Layers of clothing but still frozen At first glimpse of headlights I began praying for it to
I know it's hard when you realize that were better people separated than together, Overcoming a pain so strong, it resembled a child being taken from his mother, I miss everything that was us,
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