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finally she was starting to have a good day  when someone couldnt keep their mouths shut getting written up for something she didnt even do  she just ignored it and continued on
Have you ever had an absolutely horrible day? Not just a bad day, oh no, this is a kind of bad day that you remember for several years after it happens. This is a kind of day that makes you feel inferior to every little thing.
It's not that something is going on, It's just that everything has gone wrong.
You don't understand that sending us a text at 5 to give us homework is unfair. You don't understand what problems I have at home, so don't treat me as if I dont care.
  Up all night worried about this moment.  I just need to pass. I stare at the students faces as the each get their paper back. One by one relief, fear, stress all fretting over this one measly test.
When you have a bad day I ask you not to look away. When you have a bad day I ask you if you can stay. When you have a bad day I'll help you feel better okay? I don't really have much to say.
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