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Willkommen Zuhause Willkommen auf der Erde Wo niemand perfekt ist Und nichts ist immer richtig.   Willkommen Zuhause
When a woman loves youYou can do nothing wrongYou can charm her with a songFrom you, she hardly needs a few. When a woman loves youThe world looks beautifulEverything is wonderfulWhen she adores you.
I was so angry that I wanted to give my wife a slap.She went to the mall and a baby was kidnapped.She kidnapped the baby because we couldn't have one of our own.
Good night my little wee oneIt's time to close your eyesIf you'll but wait till morningYou'll get a big surpriseThe sun will smile and greet youIn ever changing skiesFor mom and daddy love you
He awakens to a day of hopeafter happy day of birthattended by smiling parents proudwho know his priceless worth.He awakens to a day of hopelying restless on his bumafter one move that surprises him
Beautiful Baby Rosy Cheeks Eyes Like The Ocean A Smile That Melts My Heart    Curious Baby Eager to Learn Crawling and Exploring Each Day a New Adventure   Loving Baby
A Baby Cries,Demanding, Emphatic,Forming, Growing,Having Intelligence, Joy, Kindness, Love.Mounting Neuroses, Outrageous Propaganda,Quickly Remove Simple Truth,Unleashing Violence- Wanton, Xenophobic.
Who could have known that dimpled elbows and clumsy steps would birth wonderment. 
My mother didn’t cry anymore; she hadn’t since the first night I saw them in the rocking chair.   “Benjamin,” she told me, “That’s his name.”   “How wonderful,” I thought.   
From blacking out on tipsy nights, To never feeling quite alright. It took some time to actually realize, What's been happening before my eyes.   Why am I sleeping in every night?
She once met someone who gave her feelings like no other Someone she never felt she bothered Sadly though as all things golden, it wasn't meant to last Her love was torn from her much too fast
In the whispers of a dream that were left behind I was left with a longing, a longing for something that I thought was once mine. A soft cry startled me that night and in love I soon fell,
Dear Josiah I'm sorry for what I did   I thought I only had one choice, But it's my fault I didn't have a bigger voice.   The times were fast and no one was there
Thought: Baby Steps   Have you ever watched a parent guide a toddler's steps? It's whimsical, I say that geared toward the toddler because their legs just aren't strong enough yet, You know?..
Right now, There is a child born, Opening its eyes for the first time, Taking in the light of a world it has not yet explored, Breathing in the air that encases it’s small and helpless body,
An empty mind needs knowledge and guidance. As my searching eyes finds love and kindness. Baby girl starts to crawl, oh what joy. First steps! Roaming eyes captures the sight.
It was my moral duty to operate and in many people's eyes, I was admired.I did what needed to be done and because of that, I was fired.Four years ago, a baby was born with Down Syndrome and he had a heart defect.
Your wife isn't carrying your baby, she's carrying mine.She wanted me to marry her but I had to decline.She didn't want tongues to wag about her being an unwed mother.
Waddling walks and teardrop bellies Hospital gowns and nonstop yelling Pink, white, and blue Nurses walking about Waiting to hear the babies first shouts   Love at first sight  A mothers first glance
Why? Can you tell me why? My heart is crushed, sad, blue My heart and arms are aching To hold and be with you * I close my eyes and think of how You brought such joy to me
Clinging against the walls of blood loss You're dying, though you're not living Killed; tiredness was you, babe Premature, open wound You are the baby You are silent You are born No breath
giver of birth and the reason of me you sacrificed your hunger so i could feed off of your breast you gave up sleep so i could have mine oh how i wish i could remember your face
How is our baby bear? Is it healthy is it strong? For you two I'll never cease to care I don't care if chasing you is wrong You are worth the world   I wrote the poem to my ex
I have these two friends... In school, they both have goals and dream. Both got pregnant at eighteen. Sweet girls that fell victim to all of the lies- Of “Love” they thought they had from other “Nice Guys.”
What are you supposed to get a dying relationship for Christmas? I wish rekindling this flame was as simple as Kwanza, But our candles are down to the black baby, Wakanda
A Poem, a poem, What is this thing? Poetry, a thought That is the crowned king.   If we could see The world truly, We would know that All things are poetry.   
If I could look into your eyes deeply, see your soul Your baby soul. Like remembering my own; you'd know I love you forreal, embraced in a cradle. Admiring soul
Time sure changes everything. It transforms the parenthesis of reality.  The things you once cursed,  are the same that you lust. And all you once shouldn't now suddenly, you must.
I am a  baby I enter the world and open my beautiful eyes to see the light Cute as a baby, oh that’s me Smiles from bundles of joy   Poof! I am a kid
Love misinterpreted. Words of a trickster, with the gift to gab and lips that lie.   Love misinterpreted. Absence in their actions, no care in the world and only tears given to cry.  
Your blue eyes put me in a trance. Baby. Baby. Baby. I love you. I wish the best for us. To be together forever. I will fall for you every time. That smile…so addictive. That touch…unexplainable.
We were all born into a familyRelatives and siblingsWhen we commit we submit to our family What if you were born to be in the treeOn the broken branchThat fell so easily it's hard to believe  
baby i love you so much  i cant even explain . i think of you every second of the day every minute go by every hour that passes by. i love you so much baby that i know when somethings happen to you
The day you entered my life I know we won’t have any strife Our family: Dad, child, wife But that is just a big fyffe   A lie just to give you hope Daddy don’t need to elope
This is for my baby, that I haven't met yet. At first I was scared and didn't even want to believe it. The test said positive. I took 3 more to be “sure”.. But I still wasn't.
I loved you from the start and thought that we'd never be apart  Seeing you before birth was a tearing moment for your dad and I  Getting ready for your arrival ; setting up your baby crib  
(How Rumpelstiltskin came to be, and then, how he came not to be)   Not too long ago, and not so far away a boy sat alone watching other kids play. He went to great ends
Tell me why I feel so down, Or why I cannot hear a sound. Why do everything feel woozy, as I feel I'm drifting away, And the're pulling me but I still want to stay,
Daddy, I don't know why you couldn't just choose me. Why'd you'd rather get high and hurt mommy and on top of that lose me. I don't know why it's so important when I'm dying to see you, in mommies belly, I just started moving. 
Have you ever lost something You loved so much? It’s not so much that you couldn’t find it But it was just gone.
Joseph and Mary tried to find shelter but they were unable.Finally, an innkeeper gave them permission to use his stable.Jesus was born in that stable and Mary put him in a manger.
When I think about you I see the sun and the stars So radient and bright my eternal shining light. When I think about you My breathing quickens My heart races I can't seem to form words.
A Letter To My Unborn”
Baby I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the cold shoulder. The arctic bone chilling air resonates from my body and you just happened to walk through the danger zone. But how can I say danger zone when all I am is dangerous.
Jasey Rae My fingers have been scribbling the fine lead on my paper Back and forth back and forth In efforts to try and mold out the exact words from my brain
You like it when he calls you baby that his attention is all on you You like that he kisses your forehead and rubs the back of your hand with his thumb He always asks how your day went
Of all the people in the world There are but a few who Bring light and happiness To my life My babies, so small and sweet Light up my world Lily and Sabina Anna and Madalynn
Ten little fingers, ten little toes, How did I survive without you, I'll never know. One look into your eyes and I can see all that lies ahead of me Happiness, kisses, love, and hugs
It was love At first site   So vulnerable So resilient So powerful   She has my eyes She has his smile She is rain On parched earth   She has his wild temper
I never got to hold you but I will always remember The beautiful moments we had spent together One day we will see each other Up in heaven where you stay Where we could be together all day
Tiny bald head smothered with faint peachy fuzz, wrinkled clenched eyelids hiding deep blue orbs, unopened fists punch at the sky,
A christmas wish
No Expectation  start preparation  couple confusion baby be the fusion  the love we share cant compare growing slow, but strong  nothing about you is wrong I want you already 
Dear Addison, It's momma. Happy birthday. Today is the day I guessed would've been your birthday. I think about you every day, and I love you very much. I'm sorry I never got to hear your heartbeat.
To see her small hands  Stretch open wide  And have a piece of lint  Roll out of her palms,
I had a baby.  Almost. I had an almost baby. An almost life of diapers, bottles, little fingers and toes. I almost chose that. Almost.
Up before dawn, with curtains still drawn
When in October the air was cold,  Leaves were falling because they were getting old, Some trees still had color they were standing strong, Daylight was little the darkness was long,
Oh, Baby   Shining light Dazzling smile Shimmering eyes All sounds too cliché.   What is there to say? Such joy Unknown bliss Unexpected peace  
Movements in my stomac,vomit , headaces so the first thing i do is get on my knees Put my hands together in pray to the sky, Asking god please
Little blue eyes, looking up at me You gaze and I wonder what you'll be You're hand wrapped around my finger tight I promise to hold you through the darkest nights   Little blue eyes, so full of dreams
Me? Oh, I, I am the girl, the girl with the curly brown hair, with straightened bangs, bangs that have grown too long— long enough to hide my eyes from the world
I didn’t even want to write this poemI wasn’t sure what was the pointTo pour your heart into somethingWhen there’s always someone better out thereSomeone better at accurate alliteration
Without a Face, Do I Still Exist?  
So small. So innoncent. So new.  I think these things as I hold her in my arms.  My niece. She has yet to walk, to talk, to grow, to know, to see. To be.
Don't look now, child The world has gone to war They don't care that you're just a child To them, you're one soldier more. - Those aren't gunshots you hear now Those aren't dying screams
This is what happens when I speak my mind. "All you do is complain all the time." This is why I can't be me. Because, you see, to me, my life is just not complete.
Hush little Baby Mamas here hush little Baby theres nothing to fear
Sweet flower, oh so delicate Awaiting to bloom, within the first week of November To have something to give thanks for The beautiful flower that is to come
little one
A young beautiful girl,Had a big heart and bright future,Set her priorities and goals straight,But fell in love with a mister,Told her there was much in store for her.She was naive and eager to see,
I found my long lost twin in France. Hanging in an art museum. She is pale with long curly red hair. Like me.  She is a goddess, born out of a shell from the sea. Not like me.
I feel alone, in the most populated places in the world I feel sad that im misunderstood I didnt know how bad it was to be livin in the hood. School motivates me to succeed 
It will be hard and there will be doubt but you don’t give up. You are weak to the words of the wise around you and second-guess yourself.
The girl with the corn flower hair called to me on the summer wind And begged me for a favor Tell no one where I have been this eve and whom these hands have held And in return I promise you a reward most vied to savor.
Believe me when I say that mothers know best,  now I'm homeless and pregnant with very little rest.  She yelled "Stay in school. He's nothing but trouble",  but I was inside my love-filled bubble.   
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
Got a baby on the way 20 years ago Almost to the day So excited at that moment There's nothing I would trade
Forget Me Not *controversial*    Morning sickness brings the blues, Monthly cycle is overdue. She was drunk that night, Flinging morals in the wind,
Mother, why did you to take my life away? Why couldn’t I be allowed to live? Why must I never see the world? Was a grave all that you could give?
Kissing is a sin, Sex is a game, he gets all the fun, you get all the blame, one night of pleasure, 9 months of pain, 3 days in the hospital with a baby to name, girls say your cute,
   Before the fourth of July. I never knew pain so severe. Expecting a few firework shows with enjoyable sound. The bright vivid colors seem to amaze us all and make the little kids go wild. Instead i ended up with the opposite.
"Push... That's it... Keep going... I see the baby's head... Push... Once more... Say hello to your new baby." The beautiful crys of a newborn, so precious... so prue;
If I could live free
Because it is vulnerable, an option, you might see. Wide out in the open, entire visibility.
Kindness, is it only but a word?  A person who hears people's needs. But oddly, sadly, is never ever heard.
You try your best to see the light. In a blinding sheet of darkness. You ignore and try to forget.
Your baby hand: so strong, s small. Your fragile head; I won't let you fall.   Your eyes are closed, and you're asleep; yet you are perfect from hair to feet.  
I'm sorry you had to come in the world this way
This woman is expecting a new baby girl Brought into this beautiful magical world But this world isn’t as magical as it seems When all she can focus on isn’t me   I matter too don’t I ?
What I Hate Do you know what I absolutely hate? What makes me so sick to my stomach? And my skin crawl with repulsion? I’ll tell you what I hate:
Another day, another way,
Just know that everything will be alright because I am gathering nutrients; Like your intelligence, I will be bright Like star lullabies of insouciance.
I down another bottle To wash the pain away. For a brief moment, I feel a bit okay.
The world needs children the smile with missing teeth  the mouth full of food the arms dancing when you laughs
welcome to the world, baby see the light of the sun in the sky? but theres some things you must hear now... were not to different, you and i.   welcome to your life, baby
If I could change something  what would I do? Would I make a new building or create a zoo? No I would change something more important The life of a child One who is unspoken
Stand up and hear the cries With anguish they cry, With despair they suffer, With hope they hold on, Hear them cry. In haven, she is broken,
Young mothers are foolish Young mothers are whores Young mothers are helpless They've closed all their doors Young mothers are stupid They can not suceed And when they ask for help 
Ah the land of the free, the brave, The tolerant Tolerant of cheating and divorce, of lies and scandals,   Of murder Murder of those who can not defend themselves Who have not yet had a chance
Since the very first day the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I already knew that no matter what I'd always love you
Head held high I walk through the halls, I am who I am. Tired but proud, in this place I am small, I am who I am.  Monitors beep while sick children sleep, I listen carefully.
Little blossom waiting to bloom, yearning for love. A tiny piece of a gargantuan-sized tree, important part of a greater whole. Although unborn it's our secret saviour....  
He lays there alone in his crib His eyes flutter shut And he sleeps   Alone in his crib with a blanket over his feet And he sleeps dreaming of the future  
kicking, screaming twisting, turning my heart is broken  and feel like its burning   she was mine and now is gone her name was athena at three months along  
With every dip and turn
Your soft tiny hands, Your soft tiny feet, Your cute baby face, No one can ever compete.   Those cute tears that rolls down
When I first heard your heart beat, I couldn't stop listening. When I first seen your little feet, I couldn't stop watching. When I first felt you kick, I couldn't stop touching.
What is life on the way
Her belly grows and grows, but nobody knows. Sweatshirts are too small, the inevitable becomes apparent. Waddles through hallways, up flights of stairs, back aches.
Roses are red Violets are blue My heart will always Belong to you No matter what happens I will always love you And baby you will always, No matter if we are far apart,
I acted happy because what else could I do
Sitting in a room full of people but nobody can hear your scream. Walking down the halls alone as if you were in a horrible dream.
Stretching your own skin. Laying on your side. Turning pages on an ebook. Reading about the baby. Reading your way into motherhood. Passing by the years go by. Wondering where innocence has gone.
Who will I be if this is to happen... If god or whoever it is up there Allowed for something like this to be where inside of me could
The two magenta lines do not lie: one look to scan the color, another glance to determine its meaning. Arm shaking in fear and eyes jangling in the sockets, searching for the unnamed.  
The day you became mine I became yours. Forever there to hold you in the rain; Every war you'd fight, I'd serve many tours. Always there to share your impending pain. You are the joy i seek most every day.
Is it worth it? He finnesed me with ease Anything he wanted was his Love, sex, money, drugs ----anything for him He said he'd always love me, no matter what he'd done
Why do we go through life in a haze? Shouldn't we be illuminating the room with a blaze? Why don't we spend time telling people we care? Why isn't it at all fair?  Teachers, shouldn't you take time to stare?
Baby I know you’re mine Clean-shaved, futuristic lips and loveable eyes Eyes that make me believe in what’s real The world behind the blinds of deceit Baby I know you’re mine
My love, my other half the light soon to shine in my eyes         and awaken me to an adventure of a lifetime, a ride of the century and the joy ill feel for so many years,            the thought of you my one and only  brings tears to my eyes , a
His green eyes look at me I am so in love How this boy own my heart He makes me swoon when he says my name   I am his army I am his voice He is my pride He is my love  
Sweet little baby, Rest in peace , in the arms, of the lord, they say, never question, the masters decisions, I can't help,  not to wonder, why mine, Prostitues,
The sole of the shoe is burnt brown The body of it is crushed red These shoes pound the ground Running away, looking ahead
The cold on my feet As I walk to your fate… The lump in my throat As I hold in your tears… The numbness in my body As I think of your feelings… I’m sorry. He comes in, Asks me if I’m ok. I say I’m fine, But I know I’m not. I’m sorry.
What do you see when you look at me Is it my body? My curves, my fine physique Now look me in my eyes and tell me what do you see. A girl with low self-esteem and insecurities
After the lion roared a boastful growl, the baby's cries started to whimper out. The drizzling tears of the angel's eyes cleared as they encountered the mother's rosy cheeks And the sweaty dew running over her brow.
Time to make mistakes, take a chance, kiss the summer fling, and hold hands till sun set. I'm here to grow up not down. Kiss the stars and wink at the moon. I've got a heart on full health
  Ratta - Tat - Tat I hear you coming from your room, “how’d you get out?” I asked Rosy cheeks and a big grin a three year old can make, “I climbed down” he says,
Born with sorrow, Will I survive for another tomorrow. Am I your child or just a charity award, Unwanted, abandoned, and ignored. You threw me out like a unwanted reward. My herity never to be known,
One, two, three, four, five, / A child's delight so simple, / Green and growing, she.
Two tear drops were floating down my face, as i sit and wonder why you were taken with out a trace. I know we are not suppose to question the man above, but why did he have to take my unborn love?
-----------------------------------------   Like a storm baby Let's make way   Lightening. Thunder.   No sight of day. Dark Cold and damp.  
It is an endless sea of dry, desolate desert Unimaginably hot, a blanket of sweat always present There are constant explosions, pops of sniper guns He's been in the middle of this hell for a year
He is small, such a tiny thing. He loves loud, bright, or shiny things.  He's full of laughter, love, and cheer. In Mommy's heart he is darling and dear. His smile gets the attention of many old ladies, They say "So sweet!
Hello My Name is AnshulAnd I have a secret I’ve been keeping from all of youIm 16 and Pregnant
The Jocelynn Effect What is life but a journey, A journey that can teach much. Who knows where it will take you, Far away, or close to home.
(poems go here) I feel it... Kick Kick kick Inside of me Your apart of me Sweet child of mine, please forgive Forgive me for having to bring you into this world For only having love to give you
Some days I wish I could see you again, but we both know our Time together passed much too fast. I still look at the pictures and I want you to know my Love still overflows to you.
who said it wasn't love? my experiences have told me it was closer to love closer than anything I had experienced. this life I now hold, it wasn't created by an act of immoral actions.
Little one in the dark From heaven to womb to pipe The mother who he clung to Hated him, down the drain. Blessed with life And cursed with fear The woman let him go And not yet ready for the grave
He says, “We can’t afford it.” Please don’t listen to him. They say I’m just a piece of tissue, But I am living and breathing within. You will make a life changing choice, If only you can hear my voice.
Small and innocent child. Soft, helpless, dependent child. Unconditional love. Warm, gentle, fragile. Always needs protection. Safe from all the world...
I loved you. I still do. Did you feel me, When I moved within you? When I kicked and twitched my tiny feet, Flexed my small fingers, To the sounds of your heartbeat.
A life is a life No matter the size No matter the age Abortions are legal They happen everyday A man kidnaps women Impregnates them Kills her unborn babies It's considered murder
While I walk into a house, there is a sorrow that floats in the atmosphere. I breathe it, I see it, I lived it. I walk into a room, and picture blood. Blood where, blood there. The mattress, I stare. A woman lay, in pain, she can't gain.
To end a life so early and so soon, Does it seem right to offer such a way? Life is still life in the morning before noon. We chase the means as if it were a coon, To have the right legally--we say--
Sometimes it’s like I can still feel her little fingers Pushing their way through the monkey bars of her cage, Still feel the gashes she made trying to claw her way out.
Speculations of life, sends hearts racing Mere speculations cast the mind into a whirlwind; surround by notions of an end with a new beginning. Joy and devastation run hand in hand. For who; time will tell.
I wake up in the morning A big smile on my face I hear your little giggles Time stands still for a moment As I gaze upon your beautiful face Oh my little baby You'll never understand
From the time I was conceived I was a gift The site of the embryo, gave my mother a lift My heartbeat symbolized everlasting life Joy and happiness was her strife Morning sickness and nausea were good signs
Two or more people disagree Both want something Leaders want to fight They gather thousands of troops
Almost A doctor, A lawyer, A wife She could've been there, If she had only survived. If her silent voice had been heard while asleep in womb, She may not have died far too soon.
She breathes in and out This pain she bears is a killer no doubt. Crying once more from pain and misery She tilts her head back and asks, "Dear Go why me?" Sweat drips down from her head to her bosom
I am alive.
The soft thudding of his immature heart beats, His eyes barely open therefor he cannot see. He cries in the night feeling cold and alone, For that warmth he once felt is gone forever more.
I stopped feeling alone when left alone. I knew u were there . I stopped my careless acts bc in the long run iknow u would care I stopped all the selfish thoughts & prepared for the responsibilities.
The first time I held you In my arms I chose To love you Unconditionally Even though You were Tragically addicted At only Four precious days old.
First. I dream. Not just to dream, But to imagine the world How I wish it would seem. Secondly. I speak. Not just to speak, But to show how I am Far from weak.
It Goes This Way & That Baby Boo Smiles Went Down Some Many Roads Not To Collect Miles You Wonder What Happen That Day Our Heart Spilt It Wasn't Surpost To happen Now People Who Judge
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