Awareness of child abuse

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Growing up some terrible things happened to me. But there are days that I wish I did not survive. Though I go to couselling it doesn’t always help revive.
You told me who I was,  Made me work just to belong. You told me what I thought, And then convinced me I was wrong.   You say “It never happened,”  Now I’m questioning my sanity.
Your treatment of me Testament to hypocrisy Remains of a once treasured now shattered oath scar both body and soul. None have shown me a thousand Hells the way you did, oh how far you did fall
Upon blankets of grassy fields and dancing flowers, lies a land of crystal lakes, where a beauty is born. The smooth touch of the infant's hand was as soft
You dont understand And i cant stand It anymore He throws me to the floor You dont care You stand and stare But what does it hurt You didnt give me birth Im not your daughter
  I’ve been tarnished. They say counting calms the nerves. They tell me it collects the thoughts. I’m not sure how collected mine will ever be, but it’s worth a try, for the sake of my sanity.  
Glasses covered with roses Shattered as he closes the door behind him Heart filled with devastation Tears fill my eyes, asking why? Mustering up the strength to pick up the pieces
Scared and hurt, feeling like that vulnerable girl
They bound her like a butterfly and cut up her wings Locked her away with all the other play things She was only ever a doll for their control Even after the scars healed, anger took its toll
What more can you take that you haven’t yet. Stolen smiles, presents of tears, not again! Memories of you and all dejected things you do, I won’t let you take what is left of me. Bruises fade but the scars still remain.
COLD is the thin sheet With which I warm our small, frail bodies While I hug my little sister with a tight, reassuring grip, we watch He forgot to hug and kiss us how too Today, yesterday… And the day before
I once looked in the eyes of a child tears of blood no love forgiven cold as ice, trembles with fear torture of those when he shed a tear he whispers his pain so i can hear
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