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Dear red boy, I didn't know what to think of you until I met you, I thought the rudest of you, I thought that because you were way older we couldn't fall in love, I fell in love with you from a distance,
I am a swimmer. Jumping into the pool, feeling the water against my skin. I am a swimmer. Listening to my coach, giving me words of advice as I compete against grown men. I am a swimmer.
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
Dusty cleats by the front door every day.  Just more week and I get to play. The start of the season is always the best,  I've put in more work than any of the rest.  Blood, sweat, and tears.
Life of an athlete can be tough Tough like the skin on my feet Feet that have pounded this turf 365 Damn Days this year This year has come to a close Closed to the dreams I had of being a new star
During the night I lie awake and pray; The moment is something I won’t forget, Will the pain today ever go away?   The process leaves me in complete dismay,
He started out young, strong, and invincible. Never wanting to stop until he reached perfection. The climb to success wasn't easy, but when he finally got there he still felt something missing.
Running. Jumping. It is an enjoyment of mine. Competeing. Defeating. It is a dream of mine. Determination. Courage. They are skills of mine. All of me is in one thing. Track and field, 
I am fragile, like a leaf in the wind I feel pain, I foresee it coming I know what to expect as I venture my day Challenges presenting themselves, but I am not running I am heading towards them, blind as can be
Blond hair flows down my back as I run, Basketball is my main form of fun. I am an athlete, Its in my blood to compete. I am determined And I am focused, I won’t ever grow nervous.
              If you’re not an athlete, you don’t understand “the grind.” You don’t understand the clanks in the weight room: it’s not just a sound. You don’t understand 6 AM.
I am a girl, that's how I was born. I am an athlete, a girl ATHLETE that is me. I work hard everyday training and studying starting in the morn.
Finally the time has come to run Spring time is always filled with so much fun   Laughs and cheers fill me with bliss Everyone is over joyed and the snow will not be missed.  
Somewhere, I disappear to. A place in which I become Weightless, like a butterfly. I shouldn’t be able to breathe, but My new-found gills slowly begin to make themselves useful and
Miles after miles, three point one. Sweat drenched clothes; running until you puke. This is cross country.
I know you play for keeps but my God does too. And I can guarantee he is much better than you. He loved me so much he died on a cross. What you bring to the table and what you have done is one in the same; all you offer me is loss.
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