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Everything was spinning around, the voices were too loud, she thought it was a dream.
When the night winds are driving on Be the one to light the way Shining like a lighthouse from the sea   The grains of soul engraved in my ribs
I’d let my beauty melt away If only I could convey That no matter what I do I still need you.  
To my once best friend who made me laugh, and taught me things I never knew To my once best friend who  Gave me many fun things to do  To my once best friend who At one point, made me feel brand new 
my baby he loves me so he tells me (you’re a chore) to break me open like a tidal wave and i will always return to him to this love       this is love
YOU AND ME I wanted to choose the path,With my better half.But sadly you couldn't see.That all I wanted,was for You to be with Me.   ~Linus.A.    
saintly at a Saint's college, theY wEre to be at, Being at the same halls anD. the beAutifuL audItorium, meSsaging even when professors near but now,   Part bY part. thEy fell apart,
Wherever you are,If we are far apart,Look up at the stars,and remember me.
A cloudy day  
I dream of a place One distant, yet close I dream of a face With blue eyes and a sweet nose. I dream of friends, Friends I met long ago. I dream this chapter ends And I find a new home.
Oh, If they only knew....   It's never who they think it is Those who would suspect  that you long for someone  
Her small hand touches the moist fabric of my shirt, wrapping her arm around me as if she forgot how to comfort me. I don't blame her. She's right. We don't know each other anymore
Nco Koj nco koj heev. Hnub twg kuv mas li tau koj los puag? Kuv mas ua siab ntev. Kuv mas ua lub siab tu tu tos txog hnub ntawm. Kuv . . . nco koj nco koj nco koj tshaj plawm li os.
She say "look back at it" i say look forward. Looking back means looking at whats used. Looking back at it means remembering the anger and pain. Looking back at it means feeling this way every time i think about it.
Hello beautiful girl, That's all I can say to you, Cause tonight is our last night together, Unfortunately it'll have to do. Pretty soon you have to go, As yet again I fall for you.
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