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I learned to stay passive, like the times grown eyes watch when threats were attaching to me until a lack of breath. They pour more pain then I suck it up to toughen up. But I always feel weeker because it comes closer to my agony.I stay in my pla
The wounded healer is a savor who only want to help for her sins. The wounded healer is strong minded but we train it to be passive.
Dedicated to all victims of bullying, which include girls & boys of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds.  (That includes me too.)  "You can beat a bully without using your fists!"
You should know, bullying hurts.It starts with one word, one word you blurt.Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear.Did you know you're their biggest fear?
We the People,who had a dream,and never told a lie.We who fought for what was right and waved our flag up high.Jolted from the embers of a trailblazer's fire and shot from the barrel of a musket.Shackled and chained and segregated we who rose abov
No one can touch you. No one can hurt you. No one can make you cry. As long as you just stand tall. Don't sit down. Don't be scared. Don't worry about others they are just chains. No one can stop you as long as you stand tall. Make your mark.
You're ugly. You're beautiful. You're fat. You're full-figured. You're worthless. You're everything. You're stupid. You're different. You're smart. You're unique. You're you.
Tick tock. Tick tock. The seconds click by faster and faster, The minutes shed quicker as never seen before Stress, sweat, and tears of black blood and fury rage inside them I see it in their faces,
Mr. Bully Do you know how I feel? I wake up in the morning, and my mother hugs me tightly
I wake up in the middle of the night, my eyes low, my breath shallow and sharp.  I lay down in the middle of the day, tears stinging my eyes, bleeding arms and hips. 
I am a girl. I am not a cook. I am pansexual. I am not confused.
The tears fall down my cheeks, The wounds will never heal. It burns, stings, tugs, The pain is so surreal.  
It causes fights it starts jealousy it tears up friends it cuts down dreams it makes you sad it makes you mad it makes you embarrassed   If ego were no more we'd start to build each other up.
Haha me?  Fearless? I am full of fears. 
People often realize  they can endure more than they thought they could when enduring becomes the only option.  But sometimes- when people can't endure- they break. break a little, 
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
Admire what you see Mirror or none For which everything that you see Beauty is none What makes things beautiful Thoughts or emotions Either one is powerful But without people's creations
It's way too late  to say you're sorry now you knocked me to the ground but what you say doesn't hurt me.   You beat me all the way down ever since then I wore a frown but I had to realize that
It's way too late  to say you're sorry now you knocked me to the ground but what you say doesn't hurt me.   You beat me all the way down ever since then I wore a frown but I had to realize that
Who could have ever guessed
I lay still Still I lay While they look down at me   I am dressed in satin. With my hair just so And a rose within my grasp   Their eyes do cry They cry from their eyes
We are defined Not by the hearts that beat within us
She's blonde and happy and amazing all the time but her seeking comfort once turned into a crime.  You see, when she walked into the school and couldn't hide her tears, she didn't do it for attention.
So I heard you’re claustrophobic That you turned yourself into Peter Pan’s worst nightmare sentient shadow no one can find That must be pinned and confined
Bullies become bullies by being bullied themselves, Some maybe were slammed against shelves, Others bully just to fit in, But what good does that do?, It only hurts more and more kids around the world,
I am just a mutation of the monstrosity we coined society. I see the knife as it flays at my waist; my skin rejoicing at the idea that soon, SOON I can fit into those jeans he told me I would look good in. I worry for my sister, for all the girls
She yearns for compassion and love but cant find it Its as if everyone is blindsighted  How can she be strong if hate is ignited everywhere she goes people stop and stare when she judges herself so shamefully,
I'm sick and tiredof being a constantcatastrophe I'm sick of not seeingbones, but instead,rolls of flesh. I'm sick of all the whispersas soon as I walk away,no one liked me any ways.
Size, shape, and color don't matter. Be grateful and smile. Love them the way they are, please don't judge. Look into their personality That's reality
Now I can’t quite understand, & I can’t quite comprehend, Why anyone in this world would want to hurt my best friend. He’s my baby brother; he’s only twelve years old. And he’s unlike any other, with his heart of gold.
Alright so Sticks and stones wont break my bones but this razor surely scars me. Let it, let it roll of your back let it, let it stay for a sneak attack
You see that girl you pass every day? Could you imagine her life in some other way? There’s something there you wouldn’t expect, She’s living proof of cause and effect Just take a moment and look inside
One cut that’s all I need just one One turns into two and three Then I hope I’m done, But my mind had to disagree
Born in an egg already cracked Some say it’s a flaw Others sigh and say never This crack is indented in my soul How am I supposed to know Which is right, and which is wrong
Burning I shouldn’t be burning. I’m water, wild and free. Fire can’t even touch me Without sizzling and dying. So why am I burning? DAMNIT! Baby, stay with me! Nonono! NO! Stay awake!
The echo in my ear of all the hurt and pain, from the time I was younger and more I had to gain. All that I kept inside and I can't seem to get out, it's like a stomach full of words I want to shout.
I saw a stranger on the street one day, He came over and asked if I wanted to play. I said yes, and we went to the park. We played all day until it was dark. And when we were done,
I need to look like this I need to look like that Is whats being sold It's what you are told. But what you don't understand I will deal with, at your hands Nothing will be defended.
Stuffing kids in cold metal lockers like sweaters in a box The monarch of this corrupt kingdom called grade school A Letterman jacket that radiates pulses of immense trepidation and reeks the stench of
Your grimaces, painful half glimpses, Bring sorrow to every fragile piece of me. If I should shatter, I’d cut your skin. Make you remember you’re only human. You used to smile at me years ago,
My cheeks are rosie when I giggle My eyes smile when I'm happy When you see me my eyes turn away My ears hear laughter in the distance My heart aches at the sight you see
Sorry Sorry is what they said Sorry because their lips can only say those two syllables
They say I'm ugly. They say I'm stupid. then what am I?. Do I not belong here in this world? I cry because the stuff you all say,I hold back tears because I here it everyday.
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When I was 8 I was pushed, I was teased no one liked me I was alone with no one near to hear me scream for help. Everyone though I was a loser and I believed them.
When I was 8 I was pushed, I was teased no one liked me I was alone with no one near to hear me scream for help. Everyone though I was a loser and I believed them.
I dont want to blend in with your high society I would have too quit without my variety Your world is insane Its nothing but a mind game What you want to see What you want them to be
feeling alone no one home i feel dead, dead, dead to the bone how do i express my feelings in a poem? always sad no one cares parents mad countless tears
Every girl was born with a face of porcelain and heat of pedals. Anyone can see that is beautiful, without a male to announce it.
Words are poison; they do not know. They faith they falter in; the sins they sew. Light is not dark yet darkness is light. A soul is free, a wind on the kite. Wings are bones and we live in blood.
There’s a game those people cannot help but to play, It completely utilizes their twisted jokes and cruel sanity, And takes all my broken hopes and dreams utter out and say,
Hey Bully, look into my eyes and tell me what do you see? A broken down individual, my future is bleak. You harm me with your words, you say I'm ugly, fat, I kinda look like Big Bird.
She spends five hours getting ready Knowing all her hard work is for naught For by the time she gets to her locker she will be tripped Into a reality that feels a nightmare The names she can handle
I saw you from a distance Far away, that I could not reach I can see you But can you see me? I guess we were friends But then a girl I like to call Her Entered our bends
(poems go here) Many people fear change. They fear the vulnerability. They fear the need to adapt. They fear the lesson that they may learn. It is frightening to be new, to be out of your element,
Dazed and aloof, I twirled a strand attempting to appear like I had an ounce of care Until I realized how much I despised having to pry my hand from this nappy, untamed hair Is it wrong that I just hate so many of my parts
I defy to listen to the words to listen to the herd to let my peers Be heard to these ears I alone control. I let myself join those who do not partake in the teasing, The hurt, the disrespect
No one can see past the masquerade As all my thoughts and feelings fade. I can't either, I'm so lost Maybe death won't come with a cost.
Why do we have all of this? No one knows why. Why do we listen? No one knows why. Why should they tell us? No one knows why. Why do we do this? No one knows why. Why don't we stand up?
I'm breathing out. I'm falling off. I'm crying out. I'm bleeding out. I'm holding on. I'm letting go.
Who am I? Such a question one would ask. I could be anything I wanted. Maybe a singer or a poet. A Scientist or a Journalist. A Musician or an Anthropologist. What could any of this mean?
I am only one. I walk through the halls Looking for support From someone, From anyone. No one looks, No one listens, No one cares. The taunting and name calling continue
No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You are strong. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough. You are going to be successful, despite the hard times.
Little Maxy brought a gun to school today and shot himself He put it to his heart  and shot himself The echoes from the roar of the gunshot were dense and shallow Like the bullet passed through empty space
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