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1 to 2 weeks, that’s how long it takes to regenerate new taste buds. To replace the taste buds that once danced with your own. That tasted the sweat on your skin and the chocolate you bought for me.
There's the funny bone. And we know what our heartstrings are. Oh, and that gut feeling we have to signal danger.
Anterior View of a Fragile Abdomen By Emma Roy Inspired by Monica Ong documentary poetry “Silent Anatomies” ***Please note the media attached is the original version of the poem
I’m with You. Entwined within the gnarled grasp of somewhere that is not quite Rockland. It is darker, for the place that confines us rests snug within our skulls
I asked him if he wanted to  Learn my anatomy, And now I know his
He told me He was learning anatomy, I should have asked If he wanted to learn mine.
One day I'll catch you pick pocketing my chest cavity. I'll catch you reaching past flesh without calamity. I'll catch you, hands stained with red taboo,
If you point your eyes directly at a star, expecting to see a brilliant sparkle in the black, you will be inexorably disappointed. Most stars are only visible in the periphery: they are too dim,
I have been getting perfects score on my quizzes but when my exam came back, I almost had a heart attack. In my mind I had written a letter on the matching portion but to my dismay I have left blank three questions!
commence a war within my rib cagepicked clean and emptywith the stinging electricityof his touch.  a failure of lessons taught  again        again                again 
These words I write Are Born from me, I’ve given them more Than just a sound, I’ve given them Life, An opportunity to Impress. It’s passion turns to heart and logic into mind.
Different lines and forms, but all the same the wonder as the form moves, the beauty overflowing to touch would be a wondrous thing, but to watch is good enough more, more each bulge glistening
On the outside I'm strong But on the inside I'm in Hell I make subtle cries But no one who notices will help
(poems go here) On the outside I'm strong But on the inside I'm in Hell I make subtle cries But no one who notices will help
If I put my fist to my chest I feel a sensation so sweet to the living body The heart The muscle so strong Coursing blood through not only my veins But my arteries first So pure and so bright
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