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Equality is something fought for Yet this war has yet to stop Hasn’t anyone noticed we don’t need this anymore? We are all equal bottom to the top America stands for the land of the free Yet you don’t see
I am not who I thought I would be   Burdened by morals of society I “sinfully” desire sexual contact to eradicate my being And is that wrong? Craving the release of oxytocin
When you look at me, you see woman. You see wide hips, large chest, hourglass waist, curvy backside. You automatically see what I hold between my thighs.
I am not a woman, yet I still see The discrimination that occurs If there is a hole in their jeans. Most men do not sexualize women As administration suggests. We care more about our education
How was I supposed to know it was so bad to be educated and black? Do I really intimidate you to the point of you trying to hold me back? All I've tried to do was make something out of $5 and a dream,
Don’t give up just yet, We all go through hard times I don’t want to say goodbye, And I care so please don’t cry   But when I stand here with you, I see what could be so true
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