All I Need is Scholarship Slam 2016

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When I was three years old, And admittedly, not yet very bold, I was given a pink Powerpuff Girls pillow by my parents to hold, It would give me magic powers too I was told,
I think I’d die if music wasn’t there, A life without music just wouldn’t be fair. Not fair to me, not fair to you. A life without music is like saying the sky isn’t blue.   To some it’s notes on a page,
I simply can't live to see another day,Without you, my friend, the world would be grey.You bring out the best of me, You help me escape and feel free.
Meaning More All I need is an idea of meaning,an idea of purpose for living life,an idea of something beyond aimlessly being alive. I need to know my life is worth living.I need to know I’m not wasted space,that there is a reason for my beating he
Trapped in the world of endless green Stuck there forever Who wouldn't go mad? I certainly won't Once you lose your mind you lose all hope I am Sane
I sit, on a desert island. There he is. He who does not judge. He who lets me live and let live My life, my soul, my everything He sits with me, glistening in the sun
Today my pick won’t go farther than three inches into this jungle. I could straighten it, but that would take too long, leaving me with only exhausted arms and a smoky bathroom.
If there is one person whom I know I cannot live without It is my best friend, Chynna, That is without a doubt.   She was the first person who loved me Including all of my flaws,
All I need is love. When the world is crashing down around me, When I feel I can't step forward, Your touch and your words help me go on.   All I need is love.
Sound and melody,Perfect symmetry,Without I could not live. The loss of my voice,Would be the loss of my entity.My entire existence,Meaningless. As I would lose my passion,My escape from reality.All of which beholds my personality. Must I say anym
Just as there can be no light without darkness and no joy without pain, A life without death would be a world drowned in vain.   For though death is painful and too hard to swallow,
I'm the last person you want to see.  But all else is empty. Barren. Desolate.  These words are just synonyms for the holes, the tears  In our continuum, in our lives. 
To many times To many places To many heart breaks Yet your still here   Why shake away all this pain Why wipe away all these mistakes Why rewind all this time Because I'm still here
Give me my books. The ones I read when I was young, to the ones that I read now in adulthood. Concentration and motivation. To find what comes next. Reading would keep me occupied for years.
All I need is you. You bring me the happiness that I've always looked for in a person. Us on a Island would be a dream come true Just us and nobody else
Mommy always taught me that my dreams are all I needed to push me through. When I was in middle school and I experienced extreme low self-esteem, Mommy said to me my dreams are all I needed to push me through. 
Is it easy? to look at me and judge they told me they aren't paying a penny the government say they can so for that i get shit is it easy to tell me that i am set tell me i am fine to pay i got crap
What would I take stranded in a desolate land? With the choice of only having one specific item I hold so close. This item would be essential in my dire situation. The one element that can keep me alive in the absents of food.
All I my mom.  That may be unusual but...  I wouldn't have the confidence in myself, I wouldn't have my strong morals,  I wouldn't know how to express myself, 
To fall away To disappear To never see the sun To lose it all To give it up Admit you never won
A smile crept across my face a smile that I can't replace just thinking of the memory of everything you are to me
My grandma is so close to my heart. Without her, my life would be such a change. I have loved her since the start, If I didn't have her, my life would be strange. My grandma helps me stay strong.
What is the one thing that's vital That's necessary for my survival It makes me feel a sensation That can go without explanation Yet the sounds they make Feels like a message from fate
Your eyes are like bright diamonds in the sky, but my eyes hurt so much, wish I was blind, Your laugh's so powerful it can revive, To bad you can only make baby's cry.  
I guess it's time to find something important. More important than the way that you made me feel. A significant item that won't cause me tears. Perhaps it can be a technical device because it'd stay with me for years.
I’ve already devoted myself and my life to a cause that still may fall through but there would be no purpose to anything I do if I didn’t try.  
When everything is right; The promise (Is)Land the Father--Almighty; my protection the Son--a savior; the resurrection  the Spirit--a helper; my connection I devote all of me to thee, my King:
We all see this light The light of color the light that beats shadows We all see this light  The only light that can help save lives Through thick and thin Whether a cloudy day is a sad day
Without Him we would not be here We would have nothing but destruction He gave us love and laughter Most of all He gave His life We need Him Jesus is all I need
Every breath I take is because of her. The way she talks and the way I listen. The way she smiles and the way I smile back. The way she cries and the way I comfort her.
Where would I be Without you, without me Without breath, without death Where would I be If you hadn't said yes If it had been a different day Where would I be
Surrounded by oceans of frothy blue, all alone upon heartless, golden sand, I sit.  There is not a soul to speak to out here, but it is not an empty land.   Through the mountains, the trees, and every thing,
I've never felt more at home, than with you.   If the apocalypse happened tomorrow  You'd hold my hand and say, "Baby the world is on fire, but it's okay".  
I would become mad if I were to listen to the blandness of an empty island and the white noises of nothing on my own solitude.  Hand me my earplugs, for the sounds of the shores have unsatisfied me.  I cannot relate to the harmony of the moon and
Listen little children to this story there aren't many rules to life but there's a couple you must carry. But before I begin hold dear to your heart for the very ones around you might stop your beat but just know your story will be complete.
If I was on an island, what would I bring? A book to read? Some songs to sing? "What could I not live without?" is a better question to ask Finding such a thing is a hard task
Years and years of searching For who I am and who I want to be. Traveling, relationships, friendships Each molding and shaping what is now me Here I am back where I started
Music. That lilt in the voice, of someone, who can sing my heart to smile, or to laugh, or to cry. That melody is all it takes
What is the one thing I cannot live without? There are so many to choose. Family, food, writing, Sight, touch, taste, hearing, Music, movies, books, Words, imagination and more.
It's morning It's just like any other day but yet somethings gone What it is it? Where is it? Why can't it be found?! It can't be gone It's frustrating Why can't it be found 
I couldn't tell you The void inside my heart Or explain why I feel this way I have everything a person could want A family that loves me A husband that adores me A bright future
All I need is love.   Love, from the man up above.   He who guides me with every stroke of his hand.   I am not scared. for I believe in what he has planned.  
When we're apart time could not go by fast enough. When we're together time could not go by slow enough.  See time is a funny thing that, loves to mess with love. 'Forever' cannot come fast enough
How can you live without others? 2 many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. Oh, how it feels to have no eyes upon me.   How can you live without electricity?
Where's the one I thought I knew,He held me tight when I was brand new,Through thick and thinNot now but thenHe sewed me tight with a brand new pinAnd wrote my name with a nice ink penWhat did he build
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
All I need is to feel at home, which is how I feel when we're on the phone. All I need is your gentle touch and the soothing voice I miss so much. All I need is to see your face to remind me that I have a place.
I need pain I need the sting of being forgotten to plunge through my heart like an anticipated dagger, bloody and accustomed to I need the loneliness of 18 years to cloud my vision and steal my carefully wrapped emotions away
Life at a standstill with no prgression. The same hatred, the same ill will all in rapid succession. Nothing ventured, nothing gained all things remain the same. Every mistake, every choice
Sometimes I wonder how it is that I don't scream because it is the six thousandth time that I have turned on the shower.   We spend four years
One thing, nothing more, One thing, one for sure. How can one be worth it all, Worth everything, big or small?   There is one prize valued most, One that once belonged to a ghost.
The one thing I need The one thing I need in my life is support, from a friend, a family member, or a stranger. I need support. The one thing I need in my life is support,
What is the one thing I can't live without it is that smile his pale cheek stubbled with innocence and change what can't I live without is it an idea
The desire. The aching need to learn more. To explore. To get lost in the soft sand at the bottom of the sea. To feel my lungs collaspe as the thin air on Mount Everest slowly kills me.
It starts with a ball of light So small and bright, full of life.  Until, one fateful night,  I came around with my laptop and started snuffing out those lights.  One by one,
green apple tiles are leaving a red check pattern on my calves, on the sides of my thighs.   it’s two in the morning and the smell of cleaning fluid from when Deb cleaned the dorm
We find, far too often, we fall in a rut Sometimes inert a forming a gut. I’ve noticed I see myself complacent Never looking to what lies adjacent. Change should be the meaning of life
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