alcohol drinking drugs abuse repeat

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As Clique As It Sounds I'm Getting BetterDay By Day With The Change Of WeatherCleanse Of The Toxic PoisonWhile Others Are Craving More Of ThemNo Better Feeling To Be AliveI Never Back Down Nor Run And Hide
You speak to me while you drink your poison And inhale the chemicals of dust Dying down like the sun And hanging from a thread Of dreams  
I’ve been here before. At a time where I promised myself that from this point on it would be different. My mistakes and failures were enough to carve a lesson deep within my flesh.
Once lived a a young womenShe had stringy hair of gold that hung so delicately from her bony, pale white shouldersShe was a mystery, from top to bottom
I wish i've never felt it, I wish I never knew it existed, It's a drug, the one our parents told us not to do when we were kids, How could I have missed it,
Tingles, and feels  It's the only thing that crosses my mind My lip touch the cold glass bottle  liquid oozing  As I take another drink of anything that warms me for the hour 
Drink, intake. Defying my reality.  Dizzy, depressed.  I can't stop, 
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