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Everyday I wake up thinking it's a brand new day But things are the same, it never seems to change Time flies by and my money waves good bye.. But
The worst betrayals come from someone you trust the most Someone you poured your heart into Someone who promised they wouldn’t hurt you I told myself this was love.
I want to hold your hand As we walk on our different roads. I offer you my heart, But not my life. Support me, Believe in me, Care for me, But don't live solely for me. Trust me,
Because I love you 
I talk When you Don’t have the words, Because I love you.   I listen When you Have news to share, Because I love you.   I smile When you Lack the strength to,
They say "I love you." and it means more  than just "I love you." They say things that aren't I love you But they really mean I love you They say: I love you*
  The suns footprints scattered across the sky  peaking through your shaded curtains allowing small rays of morning light to shine  I venerate yo space.
I know I talk a lot I know I ramble on and on about things nobody cares about I know you don’t care I know no matter what I say you’ll always look at me
When I am with you I feel free, like a bird flitting from tree to tree.   When I am with you I feel warm, like when we sit at home watching movies with popcorn.  
Because I love you, I will be with you through thick and thin.  Because I love you, I will respect you and remain loyal. Because I love you, I will care for you as long as you do the same.
Healthy Relationships “To understand a Healthy Relationship you must first understand what it is not”.
We walk hand in hand Beside me, you stand My heart skips a beat When I just hear the sound of your feet   You sense when I am sad And you make a cheesy joke to make me glad
Stay optimistic, even if you're facing a set back. There are many stages we go through in our lives, but we manage, to get back, on track. All good things are possible, if you have
Why I did everything for you Why I killed my heart for you I could've stopped it all Afraid of being alone was my excuse All you did was hurt others and me I stood by your side when you needed help
Because I love you,  I listen to you in times of distress And watch your tears as you cry Because I love you, I will not say goodbye.    Because I love you,  I become a selfless person
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