Typhoon Haiyan Support Slam

When Super Typhoon Haiyan--known in the Philippines as Yolanda--hit the Philippines November 8th, 2013 it left hideous destruction in its path, leaving 1,774 dead, injuring nearly 2,500 and displaced more than 660,000 people from their homes.

This is the fourth most intense tropical storm ever recorded, and possibly the strongest ever to hit land, but since 2010, the Philippines has been affected multiple times by these dangerous cyclones.

There are ways you can help. Start by writing your response to this tragedy and then share your words with your family, school or larger community to raise funds for food and clothing and hygiene kits. You can also take action to support the environment and prevent a future where super typhoons are a fact of life.

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
Mirror mirror on the wall, You’re not thin, pretty or tall. What I show you 
2 years 2 months ago
hope is seeing light through the darkest times,
2 years 8 months ago
They see me as freak, it's kinda crazy, they see me as weak, they think i'm kinda lazy.  
2 years 11 months ago
Amongst all the safe havens brooding with yoylur presence could be one of those wondrous places.
3 years 3 months ago
"The brightest matches burn the darkest"
4 years 3 months ago