Twist and Shout Scholarship Slam -- CLOSED


Summer is over and a new school year has begun. We know this can feel pretty grim sometimes, but hey — you gotta do what you gotta do. But instead of giving in to resignation and despair, we want you to celebrate! Tell us about the stuff makes you happy! Who or what are you proud of? What are you looking forward to? What are you awesome at? What makes you laugh?
Write a poem about something that uplifts you, and you could win a $1,000 college scholarship. This slam’s a pretty special one — the Power Poetry team will select five finalists, and YOU get to vote on them and pick a winner! 


  1. Make sure you're eligible by checking out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the contest rules. Basic requirements? (1) you are 25 years of age (or younger), (2) you are a current or former high school student who will attend/is attending college within the U.S. or its territories, and, (3) you have submitted an original poem with the poetry slam tag Twist and Shout Slam.
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  3. Check out this blog post that describes how we pick our scholarship winners
  4. Look at previous winnersAction GuidesTip Guides and other poems for inspiration. 
  5. Add an original poem to Power Poetry by October 31, 2014.
  6. Check out our FAQ if you have any questions about the contest.


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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
Feeling pointless Feeling like everyone looks down on me
7 years 8 months ago
I hid behind my curtain for so long that I created an entirely new persona for myself Quiet, reserved, hushed, obedient
7 years 9 months ago
I have a secret. It’s really big. So big, that I don’t think you would believe me.
7 years 9 months ago
7 years 9 months ago
Happiness is a hard thing to find. My happiness stems from love. When I feel true love in my heart I always feel joy.
7 years 10 months ago