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hello there. i am the child of nonsense, madness and whatever happens to lie in between. my pastimes are flying on the tails of comets, wishing on dying stars and procrastinating like due dates will never come. i go by nathan. writing is probably my favourite pastime, and the only thing i believe i am really adequate at. i plan on pursuing the career path of a content free-lance artist, writer, and creator of all things out there. (that means critique is welcome as well as requests.) i write more than poetry, but that is on my official writing blog. this is merely for my poetry. (i mostly write prosetry and drabbles nowadays, so that is all right.) most of my pieces are 'confessional'. i take my heart from my sleeve and glue it to paper to put it metaphorically. i can think of nothing more to say. icon by shira_matu (twitter)
pebbles in my heart’spockets filling them. sinkingdrowning in this love.
((random works simply because i missed writing.))  o1.  it tasted like bad coffeebitter on my tonguegrainy and caffeine-freeyet sweet...
o1. she’s like a sunsetfleetingly beautiful butfeels like forever o2. her hair is crushed auburnleaves in autumnfalling for herover and...