Poems from Will Write WithLove

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• Local farmboy • Filipino citizen • Poet • Novelist • Eldest son of Añuber family • NGSB • Soon to be a teacher • Mindanao Poets Society administrator • Loves classical poetry
The sun smiled to me. As she gently touch my cheeks, With her loving rays.
My friend you are alone, In a seemingly darkened place. Eyes are weary of tears; Whose heart is bleeding could not ease. Will you let me...
Shhh! Can you hear that? Can you hear the silence? It's killing you slowly; Mince to mince. Look at those people around you, Suffering the...
Beep! Beep! Beep! Leave a message --- For the heart you have dialed, Is no longer in service.
When trials come like furious wind to blow you down, To tear your tender heart and have your tongue -- a pawn. Be strong and fight for...