Poems from Terrance Longtin

I'm 62 years old, I am married, I am an artist, I do abstract paintings and sell them locally and on Etsy in Terrance Gallery. I have had 23 major surgeries on my legs, recently Nov 9, Jan 11 and the next one in April. So I have a full leg cast from Nov 9 thru June 28 so I wrote a children's book which has been published and released to the public March 13, 2021. Also I kind of got interested in writing free verse poetry and I have written five so far. I love my cats and my 14 yr old grandson. I'm married to the absolute best wife ever! One of my tattoos is on my forearm, it's from a free verse poem by Walt Whitman called "Song of the Open Road" it's 15 pages long but well worth reading. My tattoo says "all seems beautiful to me" and there's a Chinese symbol for beauty at the end. Walt Whitman is known as the father of free verse poetry. I actually wrote a free verse poem about myself, which I really like.
It's pretty surprising and really unique, I'm a super poet now, For me It's a treat.
As my day begins, I wake up energized and excited, eager to go forth and explore the world as we know it, me, my comrades and all of our...
Your fragrance still lingers heavy in the air, I fantasize we are together again, one beating heart, a single life-force sustaining and...
My darling you are the one. Your love for me now. Will dry the tears of the sun.
I love you the very best, Even times of stress, Please love me so I can rest.