Poems from Lindt

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The elusive Lindt schmitz typically exhibits its unusual adaptation of nerdiness when exposed to biology, the arts, and geeky fandoms. This rare species is usually found buried under piles of homework in the IB Wilderness or in the remote isles of La-La Land, located off the coast of Procrastination. Both male and female members of this species are indistinguishable in looks and behavior, and its mating habits are unknown. Due to its distinctive and colorful appearance, loud call, and peculiar tendency to move in uncoordinated flailings when startled (or any other time, for that matter), this member of the Oddbird family is easily recognizable from a distance, making it a memorable peoplewatching experience.
Rainbeat By Lindt Schmitz You’re         standing          in           a    forest. You                have no                     voice...