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I'm a sophomore in this little town in Georgia that most of you probably haven't even heard of. Reading and writing has always been my life, but it's only been in the past few years that I've honed in on poetry. Now, I vent through it! I also have a passion for photography and community service. I would like to teach when I get out into the real world. My tidbit of advice for any and everyone would be don't take life too seriously, nobody makes it out alive anyways! Haha, have fun trolling around my profile. :) I have a wattpad, too! It's under the username KaceyJaceyXD, so hit me up there. :D
And so when you're trapped, When you're lost off in space, It seems there's no one that's left, I'll be calling your name.
From you I can't run, From you I can't hide, I just can't believe, What you make me feel inside, From you I can't flee, From you I can't be...
You're like the raindrops,   you fell from the sky,   You opened my heart,   You melted good bye.
Oh yes,  I will confess,  I am yours.
You're something that I so badly want, You're something that I can't not need, You are what I have to have, You're the someone that's meant...