Poems from Hanadiisa

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My name is Hanadi Isa I am 18 years old. I am Somalian, and was born in Yemen before I came to the United States in 2005. I really love my family. I live with my mom and brother, and other family members live in Arizona. I go to Arizona every school break I get, to go see my grandmother. She is really the reason why I go and plus leaving Grand Island for a bit is very refreshing. I didn’t grow up much in GI, as I came here during middle school. I am also organized, responsible, and respectful toward others. In my spare time my hobbies are reading and listening to music. This year I am in Community Youth Council (CYC) and Key Club. I was also a member of the Youth Leadership Tomorrow (YLT), which focuses on making a difference within the community by volunteering. Right now, my goal is to graduate from high school and, after that, attend a four year university and work toward medical school. My passion for medicine stems from going to the hospital with my family and seeing my grandmother in pain. It made my heart ache as I watched the doctors not know what was wrong after so many tests. It irritated me when all they did was write her a prescription. Leaving her room to go get some snacks and seeing others sick just like my grandmother made me want to help them. I want to enter the medical field to dig deep into finding out what is actually wrong with a person instead of just writing them a prescription.
Put a smile on my face when I need it Taught me the importance of self love and to know what is good for me. Talk to you as well Love you...